Meet Dale Brown of Detroit as OBJ mimics viral self-defense guy

Learning the self defense techniques had been excellent so far. The best part is learning the psychological strategies to de escalate situations before having to use force; practicing these strategies lead to safer outcome, people and the communities they live in working together. I have seen first-hand when women have entered TMC desperate and looking for protection from an abusive boyfriend.

They are not the police but they can do quite a bit to help anyone in need. I am an international business consultant for a company out of Chicago, but I still live in the Detroit Metro Area. INVALID REVIEW JACOB Philip (aka?) opinion is not valid appropriate or logical. He did not attend any of our courses or take part in a free demo class offered to the public for the past 26yrs. Threat Management is a positive and effective influence on the community!

The late November virality of the kidnapper clip inspired TikTokers to start parodying Detroit Urban Survival Training videos going into December 2021. For instance, TikToker king_probherbs posted a parody on December 7th that received sidley careers roughly 23,300 plays over one month . TikToker marzgottachill also posted a video on the 7th, earning roughly 69,300 plays . The video was also reposted to Instagram account abditv_ the next day, receiving roughly 51,000 likes.

On January 23rd, 2021, YouTuber Cr1TiKaL uploaded a 24-minute training video in which he collaborated with Dale Brown from Detroit Urban Survival Training. The video, in which Cr1TiKaL and two of his friends attempted to attack Brown in various ways, with Dale demonstrating ways of defending against them gained over 1.6 million views in one day . On December 16th, notable YouTuber Cr1TiKaL posted a parody Detroit Urban Survival Training video titled, “Actually Trying the Worst Self Defense Advice” .

The mom lived in Texas and her daughter was visiting with her father in Sterling Heights, MI for the summer. In November, the Detroit Threat Management Center recovered and reunited a mother with her 6 month old baby. In October, Commander Brown was a featured on the “The Blaze” a show hosted by Glen Beck.

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