Mazda BT50 PX Ranger 2″ Body Lift

Only items that are specifically noted as Genuine OEM can be presumed as genuine parts. A Vehicle Body Lift kit, all blocks, nuts, bolts, washers etc needed are included in the kit. Provides 3 inch additional lift without modifying existing suspension system. Sign up for our mailing list and be the first to know about promotions, events, and new product releases. Please note, we recommend this kit for use with 2016+ Ranger models that feature an AdBlue tank.

As far as bang-per-buck upgrades go, a good lift kit is hard to beat particularly if you’re an off-road enthusiast. Refer to the general fitting page, remove the fan/radiator cowling before lifting. We have designed our own CNC machined steering column spacer which is included. Steering components included to ensure smooth post-installation operation of steering system and factory-consistent vehicle handling characteristics. By lifting the body you have extra room to gain access for servicing, more tyre clearance, greater approach and departure angle clearances , looks f#$king cool.

Flatoutoffroad bodylift kits are some of the very few kits in NZ and internationally that will pass LVV cert to be road legal. Suitable for all Ford Ranger models made from 2012 onwards, this kit is designed to lift your truck by 2.5 inches using a set of aerospace-grade aluminium spacers and high-strength aluminium shackles. One of the best parts about a body lift is that it will usually set you back less than 200 bucks and can be easily installed by you and a couple of buddies over a weekend. Although a body lift is not particularly difficult to install, you will need to be patient and take your time.

The kit includes pre-assembled Foam Cell shocks, uprated springs for both the front and rear plus super heavy-duty leaf springs. Handmade by Pedders in Australia, this is a serious lift kit for those who require serious performance from their Ford Ranger. Hand-made in Australia, Pedders make some of the highest-quality and best-performing suspension upgrades for 4x4s and trucks including the Ford Ranger. This kit is their basic lift kit option for Ford Ranger, and is designed to raise your truck by 1.75 inches.

If there isn’t a 6-inch body lift made, there’s probably a good reason. Most guys find that a simple 1-inch body lift is all they need to gain that extra little bit of space before dealing with new drop-down brackets and fortnite egirl cable bind, and these kits will hardly be noticed by the untrained eye. Installing the Flatout Offroad steering shaft extension will ensure safe spline engagement with the steering shaft after the body lift is installed.

For a small extra charge, Pedders offers the exact same kit with the suspension dampers and springs pre-assembled, saving you the hassle of putting them together so all you have to do is simply bolt them on to your truck. Whether you’re looking to buy a Ford Ranger lift kit, or you want a bit more information about lift kits, why you need them and how they work, you’ll find everything you need to know here. Please note, we recommend this kit for use with Ranger models that don’t feature an AdBlue tank.

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