Mary Baldwin University Housing Costs

I came for the women studies program but we DONT HAVE ONE so I can’t even do the major that I wanted. I emailed an advisor 4 times & got no response & had to go to the registrar to contact her. When I confronted her about not responding to she said that she sees them she just doesn’t know what to say so she doesn’t respond. Communication is terrible and then they complain when only 5 ppl show up to events.

If you want to be active they offer Zumba and Yoga at no cost to you to do in your free time which I highly recommend. Because Mary Baldwin is a private college, it comes at a pretty high cost. Whether or not the Baldwin experience is worth the money is a decision that can really only be made by each individual student. I feel that I’m getting my money’s worth at Mary Baldwin.

This is usually the first day off from classes you will get. However, it is SO MUCH FUN. Apple Eve and Apple Day is just about the biggest event on campus. Apple Eve the school throws a big party for us. It is almost like the school’s homecoming.

The food is subpar and the dorms are falling apart. I would not recommend living in the dorms on campus to anyone. I love the location of the school and the scenery. They do not have central air and you are biebs and ash not allowed to have an air conditioner unless medically needed. So you’ll either burn to death or freeze in the stuffy rooms. The food is delicious and they try to get as many people involved as they can.

MBC is perfect for people that do not mind a small community with all women. If you want to get your work done and get a quality education, this is the place to go. If you are looking for a party scene, do not come here. Freshman dorms are not the great, but they are nice.

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