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He has also been instrumental in establishing the first national bodybuilding team in Kuwait. A prominent reason Kuwait Bodybuilders are so successful is the culture and geography of the country. In Kuwait there are no nightclubs, bars, or popular nightlife activities. The lack of distractions allows better concentration on training, diet, and “supplementation” among Kuwait Bodybuilders.

However, the sacrifices the family has made proved to be worth it when Curry took first in the 2019 Arnold Classic in March.

Kuwait is a strictly Islamic country and there is no dating allowed there. Women are not allowed out of the house unescorted and distraction from women and sex is not an issue there. Leave the recording of footage and social media to other people. The professional athlete needs to concentrate on one thing only and that is the gym. If more prize money and incentives were available, more athletes would be able to concentrate on their trade.

It Kuwait, it is not a crime to be in possession of anabolic steroids. The West is ASS BACKWARDS in it’s approach to male and female hormone supplementation cardio and bulking and availability. Thank god there are places in the world like Kuwait where being a male and having male hormones is not persecuted.

The panel of judges were Relly Kalugdan, Michael Borenaga – Chairman of the board of judges, David Welch, Eid Thabet and Rami Al-Sharifee . Most of the members are gym instructors, fitness trainers and enthusiasts in bodybuilding and fitness training. They have represented the Philippines in different local and international bodybuilding competitions. The presence of PBBFAK is usually prominent for security purposes during events or concerts in Kuwait. Coach Abdullah Al Otaibi is one of the most sought after coaches for contest prep and is known to train the amateurs into pros, having trained some of biggest pros like Victor Martinez and Brandon Curry. Abdullah has been a senior coach at one of the biggest and most popular gym in the world – ‘Oxygen Gym – Kuwait’ for more than 12 years now.

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