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To maximize their in-game profits and productivity, Stardew Valley players can create various items. In farming, you must have reached level 8 before you can create a recipe for kegs. In order to earn a fine keg, you must collect these items in the game. This fragrant substance, which has a sticky, sticky texture, is made from oak trees. These trees can be found in either the Farm or Cindersap Forest. Iron Bars are useful for a variety of purposes, including crafting and tool upgrade.

Depending on how many hops you harvest from your farm, you’ll be able to produce multiple pale ales from having several kegs. These prices go up by 40% if you have the artisan profession. Unlocking sugar carbon snake the crafting recipe for kegs requires players to reach level 8 in farming. Once that is done, a keg can be crafted with 30 wood, 1 copper bar, 1 iron bar, and 1 unit of oak resin.

Either way, after obtaining a Keg, just place it on your farm and then put any fruit or vegetable you’d like to make into a beverage inside it. That concludes our guide on how to get Pale Ale in Stardew Valley. Check out Gamer Journalist on Facebook to join the discussion or keep up to date with our content.

One of the quests the game gives you early on tasks you with making or finding a single batch of Pale Ale. The quest is called “Pam Is Thirsty” and you’ll receive it by mail on Summer 14. Harvesting crops Different crops give different XP; Coffee Beans give the fewest and Sweet Gem Berries give the most . The first thing you’ll need to start producing Pale Ale is some Hops. Artisan Goods are some of the best products to make and sell in Stardew Valley. They’re typically easy to produce and sell for a good bit of gold.

You will have to grow hops yourself on your farm if you want to make pale ale. Once you have your hops and your kegs, simply place the hops into the kegs. The fermenting process takes some time—return to the kegs in roughly a day and a half to collect the finished product. Typically, Hops take 11 days to grow, producing a Hops on the 12th day after they’re planted, and every day after that (yes, every day!). However, if you have the Agriculturist Profession or fertilize the starters with Speed-Gro, that time can be cut down. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

It has the highest profit margin compared to the rest of the keg goods and takes less time to produce . Now, you can go ahead and sell your Pale Ales as is, but you can age it further to increase its rarity and its selling price. To do this, you must place your Pale Ale into a Cask. You just need to fully upgrade your Farmhouse and Robin will take care of everything. She’ll add a Cellar plus a bonus of 33 Casks on the house.

When you use the Kegs, you can create a variety of drinks that have a variety of health benefits and energy. Pale ale is brewed with hops, unlike beer, which is brewed with wheat. Hops are a Summer crop with a growth time of 11 days. Buy as many hops starters as you reasonably can and get them planted. Alternatively, one can grow hops in the greenhouse at any time.

These items can be stored in farm buildings such as sheds, barns, cellar, and cabins. Villagers can’t access these areas, so they can’t destroy your layout by mistake. Pale ale can also be placed into a cask to age it, improving its quality. Aging a bottle of pale ale from standard to full iridium quality takes 34 in-game days. This doubles the selling price, but it’s still quite the investment in terms of time.

I shoved about 120 blueberries into 5 seed machines to get my first ancient seed, then another 40 for the second. Once those gave fruit every fruit went into the machine and i reset if i didn’t get 3 seeds. By winter 2 my greenhouse was 100% full of ancient fruit. Now I keg ancient fruit nonstop and grow crops for fun outdoors.

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