Lucid Nightmare Mount Guide

If want to know more about each puzzle then click on Spoiler at the end of each patel and dalrymple section or check Blizzard’s official post with insights and explanations.

After you have found a special room, start mapping until you find another one. Then go back to the previous room to make sure that you haven’t triggered the Teleportation Trap. Repeat this process until you have found all of the rooms. The maze is arranged on an 8×8 grid of rooms. However, if it would have 4 exits, it’s actually not a single room, but two two-way rooms that occupy the same space, but don’t intersect.

I was pretty proud of myself – went in with no guide or anything! First hour was spent running around like a headless chicken before actually starting to jot down a rough map. The Endless Halls are the last and the longest part of this whole secret quest – choose an additional option if you completed all other steps.

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These Non-Intersecting Cross rooms are the first major source of confusing discontinuity, and also cannot contain any Orbs or Runes. The goal of the maze is to find 5 colors of orbs (red/blue/green/yellow/purple), and deliver them to the 5 matching colors of runes. However, several mechanics make this much more difficult than it may sound. Secret-seekers, naturally, would seek the Tomb of Secrets in Kun-Lai Summit, wherein secrets are buried. There, you’ll find an urn you can interact with to consume the ashes of an evil sorcerer . When you wake up, you will find yourself in an endless maze.

For the sixth note, you will need to travel to Val’Sharah, and find a small house in the area. By interacting with each of these consoles, you will see a number, and an option to push the lever up or down. Pushing it up will increase that number by 1, while pushing it down will lower it instead. Next, travel to Deepholm, and enter the Crumbling Depths cave.

The Endless Halls is a cruel, uncompromising maze, designed to confuse and disorient at every turn. You start in a nondescript room with foggy exits in the four cardinal directions (N/E/S/W), though some are blocked by rubble. Going in one of these exits will fade the screen to black, then fade back in with you in the connected room. This clue directs you to the Emerald Nightmare-affected areas of Val’sharah, where the Night Elves living there were driven from their homes by the Nightmare. In one particular home in Ash’theran, you’ll find a minigame, similar to the Blingtron’s Circuit Design Tutorial minigame, which has been corrupted by Il’gynoth.

The goal of the minigame is to uncross all Il’gynoth’s optic nerves by clicking on his eyeballs to swap them. With the correct numbers entered, all the consoles close up and the next note appears. The Secret-Finding community, while nimble with previous riddles, was unable to crack this one for over 48 hours, and with good reason.

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