Louise Clinkscales died without ever knowing what happened to her son After 45 years, his body may have just been found

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Stewart Smith said other personal items identified as belonging to Clinkscales also were found inside the vehicle. Clinkscales was driving a Ford Pinto Runabout at the time of his disappearance. There’s no doubt, the former prosecutor said, that he was guilty of giving false statements to investigators. “I was there when Sheriff Turner executed search warrants on Ray Hyde’s property, and we came up empty. I was there when we drained a lake and came up empty,’’ he said. “People have talked about this in the community for years and years and years.

Troup County investigators tell News 3 the remains are presumed to belong to Clinkscales, but the investigation remains ongoing. Driving a big dangerous vehicle, I have my eye on the road and on things off-road that might get in my way. I was driving to Lafayette to pick up a load, looked over the bridge, and saw a piece of window sticking out of the water. So, I went ahead and called the non-emergency number for the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office and let them know,” Darling told News 3. Sheriff James Woodruff stated that police will investigate how the skeletal remains wound up in the water. That’s something we hope to discover, but it’s been 45 years,”Woodruff said.

Mittelman added that he had success with a similar case, being able to extract DNA from a man’s bones, after the remains had been found inside a car that had been submerged for years. Smith said one difficult part of investigating the remains found in Clinkscales’ car was how little could actually be gathered. He said there were approximately 50 skeletal remains that were recovered from the car, far less than what is needed to do a proper autopsy, much less a DNA analysis.

Overhead I count nine faces peering down from the railing. In another photo, titled, Almost Over the Top, the car’s front tires have gotten hung on the bottom of the bridge. The weight has lifted the wrecker onto its rear wheels.

“The only explanation we can come up with that fits all unanswered questions is for an accident to have happened, somewhere, taking him and his car out of sight,” John wrote. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — For years, John and Louise Clinkscales would leave a note whenever they left the house, hopeful their son would come home to find it one day. On May 27, 1987, a man walking his dogs along Flat Shoal Creek, south of LaGragne, found Kyle’s Exxon credit card. His parents noted that his wallet had been stolen in 1973, so it is possible that it came from there.

Clinkscales, a 22-year-old Auburn University student, was working at the Moose Club where he served as a bartender. He left work on the night of January 27, 1976, and he was never heard from again. With the new information obtained in 2005, fingers drosterhagen were pointed at Ray Hyde as the one who did the actual killing of Kyle Clinkscales. Before this was brought to light in 2005, Ray Hyde had already passed away. Along with his death, died the truth and the whereabouts of Kyle Clinkscales.

This date marked 20 years since Clinkscales had gone missing and a story in the LDN documented the time. The headline in the LDN read “mystery becomes nightmare” as Clinkscales remained missing more than two months after his original disappearance. According to his mother, Louise Clinkscales, a member of the club saw him leave and heard toward Auburn.

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