List of 180+ Martial Arts Styles

When asked in 1972 about his religious affiliation, he replied, “none whatsoever”, and when asked if he believed in God, he said, “To be perfectly frank, I really do not.” The reason I chose Kajukenbo for my list of the deadliest martial arts, is that it was developed for the streets. Not for the octagon, not for competition – just for what would be brutally effective in a street fight. You might be surprised to hear me mention this martial art on a deadliest martial arts list. Some high level UFC fighters have called for the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun technique’s to be banned in MMA competition.

Below is an image of UFC fighter Lyoto Machida knocking out Randy Couture with a similar kick. Aside from the small detail of the opponent’s arm not being inside the choke, this image is almost identical to the depiction of Batman’s choke, albeit from a different angle. Besides the arm being inside how to fight a lynel the choke, everything about Batman’s submission is very realistic and well depicted in the comic. For one, the opponent’s legs are almost useless, as they can no longer attack or push you off with their legs. Secondly, Batman’s full weight is on his opponent, making it harder for them to move.

I’ve never trained in Taekwondo myself, but I remember you mentioning in another thread that you had. So I was hoping you’d contribute to this discussion. The finishing kick Batman uses against the swordsman always looked to me like a Taekwondo move, so I’m glad to have confirmation of that. According to Glover, Lee only found judo ineffective at the action of getting hold of the opponent. In their first training together, Glover showed Lee an osoto gari, which Lee considered not a bad technique, but he disliked that Glover had needed to hold onto Lee. While in Seattle, Lee himself developed anti-grappling techniques against opponents trying to tackle him or take him to the ground.

Game of Death also features Lee and Han-jae exchanging grappling moves, as well as Lee using wrestling against the character played by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Def belongs on a breakdown of the deadliest martial arts. Wrestlers are crushing int he UFC as you noted. Krav Maga is frequently part of United States military and law enforcement training programs as well. In addition to the Batman series, Keysi was one of the main fighting styles featured in Mission Impossible 3 and numerous other Hollywood action movies.

When Batman made his debut, he had a decent right hook, could drive a car and fly a plane, and was pretty good at detective work. A few issues later , it’s established that he’s a master scientist able to perform ‘amazing physical feats,’ and later that he’s an expert detective who’s mastered criminology. How does Batman learn so much, and how does he understand it all? It turns out there’s an interesting answer to this, and it applies to everything from learning rocket science to mastering a dozen different martial arts. Developed in Ryukyu Islands , Karate was brought to mainland Japan in the 20th century. After World War II, Okinawa became one of the most important US military bases and became popular among American soldiers.

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