Lingopie Review: Like Netflix, but for Language Learning?

I can tell you’re ready for some serious immersion into your target language, so go ahead and sign up for Lingopie’s 7 day free trial now, and take a look around. Don’t be tempted to translate every single word you don’t know. Sometimes it’s better to let the language wash over bixby lumos you and try to understand what is being said using context. This is where a visual medium like TV is great for language leaners. Another customisable feature is being able to change the playback speed. Something that is fairly standard on video streaming but can be helpful.

Lingopie is pretty limited to listening, but it offers a lot more native content. However, if you had to choose one, Rocket Languages is better for beginners and Lingopie is better for intermediate and advanced learners. With these many benefits, why not combine your love for watching videos with the desire to learn a new language? With Lingopie, you can watch content in any language of your choice.

Lingopie has tens of thousands of great TV shows & Movies for you to learn with. The platform is packed with cutting edge tools, features and AI to make learning effortless and super effective. With Lingopie you can learn a new language just by binge-watching great TV shows & Movies from around the world. Join hundreds of thousands of language learners worldwide who watch and learn with Lingopie. I am passionate about becoming fluent in a second language, and potentially more.

For example, new releases, top 10, family and friends, must-watch documentaries,Kdramas for learning Korean, emotions at their peak, romance, relationships, etc. Hundreds of Korean subtitled content are available there. K-learners will always find something new because they add fresh content regularly. Because of this pandemic, online language tutoring sessions have become popular. To capitalize on this new trend, it introduced 1-on-1 face-to-face online teaching. Overall, they have a lot of videos in a variety of kinds and categories.

When you watch these videos, you’ll see how locals speak, which is a great way to learn. Unlike German content on Lingopie, there is Italian content for everyone. Lingopie has Italian content ranging from food and nature to series and comedies. There are a few Italian TV shows for language beginners as well. Using Lingopie to learn German is an excellent way to learn how Italians speak.

Plus, all of the words you click through are then added to a “dictionary,” which you can review by show. Firstly, I love that Lingopie has its own unique library of high-quality foreign language television shows. After initially launching with Spanish, its library now also offers a wide selection of shows in Portuguese, German, Italian, and French .

Another exciting part of Lingopie Spanish content is that it comes from all over the world. This means you can find content from Argentina, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries. A practice comprehension feature also puts captions on repeat to allow you to practice the captions. The “learn to pronounce” feature allows users to practice pronouncing the captions. It doesn’t matter what you are watching; you can constantly adjust it to your level by speeding up or slowing down.

Alternative apps like Yabla and FluentU have video platforms for language learning. But Lingopie edges out all due to price, ever-growing library size, design, and practical features. Spanish is one of the most sought-for languages after French to learn. Besides the TV shows and videos in Spanish, you can also listen to Spanish-language podcasts. Lingopie also offers short films, documentaries, and kids’ shows.

Whenever you click on a word you are unfamiliar with, this word will be saved and added to a flashcard pile so that you may review it later on. Once you click on 5 words you are unfamiliar with, a ‘quiz’ feature is triggered. When this happens you will be presented with a multiple choice quiz for the words you clicked on. Think of it as a teacher making sure you are taking in all the information as you go along.

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