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Starting in October, we will be featured at the Dubai 2020 Expo as a global innovator and global best practice programme. We will also receive an innovation award for our disruptive technologies from Netexplo, a UNESCO partner. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Mr Wong diplomatically says that he has “no opinion” on the recent Reddit/Game Stop/Wall Street controversy and despite what people think “keeps in touch” with his old colleagues, but he continues to be a subject of discussion on the site, seven years on.

In Myanmar, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, drones have been used to help plant mangrove trees, a potentially impactful development, since trees planted near the equator capture more carbon than those planted elsewhere. To be clear, critics of the campaign are still fans of trees. Another big concern surrounding the call for planting a trillion trees is that it could distract from other efforts to slow down climate change, like stopping fossil fuel pollution and deforestation in the first place. When we started this company over six years ago, we knew that restoring degraded land by planting trees was a great way to tackle pressing issues such as erosion, flooding and habitat loss. Land Life’s first few years consisted of evolving and developing a business model that makes large-scale plantings possible with a small team of four. Today, with our 25 employees in the Netherlands, Spain and the United States, we’ve managed to plant over 1.5 million trees worldwide on behalf of a variety of customers and partners.

Afforestation is “a tricky business,” according to sustainable design expert William McDonough. “What happens next?” he said in an interview with Dezeen, referring to the question of what happens once the trees have been planted. Companies are exploring how to adapt powerful new chatbot technology to negotiate with customer service—and to persuade humans to buy stuff. A woman taking part in Ethiopia’s national mass tree-planting drive.

To help restore fire-ravaged forests and temper the effects of climate change, a handful of young companies want to scatter seeds from drones. At least three—Dendra Systems, CO2 Revolution, and Flash Forest—have pledged to plant a billion trees, or more. An agricultural scientist once told him, ‘plant trees and they will take care of us’. So, when he saw his home, Majuli island, turning into a desert, that’s exactly what he decided to do. There’s also a potential disruption to people when deciding where to place trees.

We are now well into this mega project and have just been granted access to another remnant of the original Big Scrub Rainforest – De Heer. A truly special place, likely home to extremely rare and endangered species. The entire left flank of this project is run by the Wilson’s River, a central point for rainforest resilience in northern apple app it again store gross NSW. Reviving a degraded cattle property beside beautiful Wollumbin. We’re working closely with the landholders, who have provided incredible support, to turn this cleared land back into World Heritage rainforest. We are also regenerating existing forested areas through removing invasive weeds and allowing native species to flourish.

An estimate by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change envisions the removal of 730bn metric tons of CO2 this century. I’m in the non-profit sector working on environmental issues and the work being done is excellent, but there is sometimes such a doom and gloom, “people suck” attitude. When I talk to students I like to include the message that people are incredible problem solvers, that I have personally in my lifetime seen major environmental problems solved, and that they can be a part of solving problems that seem impossible right now. I have worked with a local tree-planting group to do volunteer plantings. The people who run the world today, who want to make you feel powerless — they don’t know what they’re doing. The systems and great institutions of the world that were built by their parents and grandparents are breaking down, and they have no idea what to do.

In a recent article for Dezeen, architecture writer Fred Bernstein pointed out the flaws in the argument that constructing buildings from timber is an effective means of long-term carbon storage. “You can’t waste any of the wood,” he wrote in the article, which examined the sustainability claims of a timber home designed by Perkins&Will. “And then you have to maintain that forest and make sure it isn’t burned or cut down.”Forests need to have a permanence of 100 years to be effective carbon stores”, he said. “Planting trees is probably the most difficult potential method from a measurement and verification perspective,” said Paul Gambill, CEO of carbon marketplace Nori in an interview with Dezeen. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design.

According to state officials, six of the seven largest wildfires in California history took place roughly within the past year. Instead, it describes its product as “reforestation in a box”. Its clients are landowners, conservationists and governments who want to reforest areas around the world. Terraformation’s aim is to eliminate the “bottlenecks” to these projects. In 2019, he founded Terraformation, with the aim to help reforest 3bn acres of degraded land around the world – an area bigger than the US – which Wong estimates could hold a trillion trees.

I think desalination will literally save the world and ultimately lead to a new age of prosperity. There definitely is, and in fact it’s one of the most intriguing possibilities especially when it comes to regreening land. Frankly, how fast life began to return as soon as there was more water. If you’re fired up about Terraformation, you can invest directly in the company or check out their remote job openings.

To bring the much-needed water to this now-arid land, Terraformation built an off-grid, 100% solar-powered desalination system that produces 34,000 gallons of water per day. ‍Within six months, Terraformation planted several thousand trees, including a number of rare and endangered species, which they claim is approximately five times faster than a typical restoration project. The researchers identified 10 tree-planting drone companies as well as university research in India and government reforestation efforts in New Zealand and Madagascar.

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