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Some stylists suggest doing 3 normal wraps and then inserting the thumb to “pick up” some of the hair before returning it to the wrapping section. My shoulder-length, jumbo butterfly locs took almost two hours to install at the salon . It was relatively painless too, which my scalp appreciated. You won’t really be able to fully wash your hair while you’re wearing butterfly locs with color since your hair is hidden inside each loc. But you can swim, shower, and go out in the rain without harming your butterfly locs.

To make your locs, you’ll need between six and eight packs of water wave hair. If you want longer locs than your natural hair, you may also use marley braiding hair to add thickness and length before starting the procedure. Butterfly locs should not be confused with the tightly wrapped faux locs that were popular a few years ago, nor are they the same as bouncy and curly passion twists.

But what comes to mind when you think of a “protective style”? More often than not, the classic Box Braid style pops in our heads. Many naturals have memories of getting these installed as a child, and depending on your experience, may have been turned off to them completely. The most important rule when taking down your butterfly locs is to be gentle with your hair.

The criss cross braided hairstyles trend can be incorporated into many hairstyles including butterfly locs. Butterfly locs are simply another variant of faux locs that are braided using wavy hair. If your scalp becomes itchy or irritated, or if the root of the natural hair starts to lock and dread, it’s time to remove them. Also, if the style has become too fuzzy or messy for your desired look, it’s time to say goodbye.

There’s no shortage of inspiration out there when it comes to protective hairstyles. The reason many prefer synthetic options in butterfly locs goes beyond the affordability. For beginners, human hair can be too silky which makes it harder to pull off tighter styles like crochet braids and cornrow braids. Additionally, the ends of synthetic hairs also do not unravel like human hair can do.

Butterfly locs are a protective style because only the roots are used for the style and the rest of your hair is left undisturbed and protected inside the locs. In all these hairstyles, the main distinguishing factor is in the braiding technique and the different mixtures of hair used. If you want to ensure this style lasts at least four weeks, Courtney says to sleep with the locs up in a bun at night. “I also recommend wrapping the edges of the hair with a silk or satin scarf and sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases,” she says. If you’re using filler hair for fuller or longer locs, you’ll likely need 1-2 packs. Grab extra if you’re doing smaller locs (since there will be more locs overall when you’re finished).

This can be due to you not occasionally applying mousse on your locs. Butterfly locs range from $180 to $300 if you want an extended length. If you decide to DIY them, $100 will be enough for the complete look.

They’ve risen in popularity because they can be styled in different colors and lengths, and they keep your hair safe from damage and over-manipulation if properly maintained. On that note, you don’t have to make your base braid super tight at the root, especially because you’ll be adding hair to it, which will add additional tension. To refresh your butterfly locs, start by washing your hair.

After which, you section your natural hair and braid it into small-medium size. First, you can start by soaking your locs extension in an freelance private investigator Apple Cider or Vinegar rinse. This will prevent any form of itchiness on your scalp and hair, especially if you have a sensitive scalp.

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