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A hired killer shoots people, sabotages a plane, and arranges for administration of a deadly medication. A couple is seen under a blanket, presumably after sexual relations. Language is infrequent but includes “f–k,” “s–t,” “bitch,” and “ass.” Computer hackers put an AIDS false positive report in a man’s medical record and he commits suicide as a result. A man takes out a gun and a shot is heard off-screen, implying suicide.

If you do not have an account please register and login to post comments. Users can access their older comments by logging into their accounts on Vuukle. Naresh Kumaran’s music and Abhiraj Nair’s camera build the tension within both homes. The gradual deterioration of relationships is narrated effectively, though Lakshman and Suchitra’s spats get shrill and repetitive after a point. Ultimately, both women find their ways to rise above the treatment meted out to them.

Rahul Ramakrishna embodies Laxman by keeping all the vulnerabilities intact. He is a character who can be easily mistaken for a caricature thirsting for sex in the hands of a lesser actor and director. Praneeta Patnaik’s Suchitra, despite the lack of agency, is not a stereotype either. The presence methodist university notable alumni of characters like Suchitra and Ranjith makes this thriller an examination of flawed relationships as well. On the other hand, Avika Gor’s Priya comes with superficiality and is more cinematic – which starts to glare when placed beside the rather life-like portrayal of Laxman and Suchitra.

Rahul Ramakrishna, Avika Gor’s NET increased interest among movie lovers touching upon the novel line. However Bhargav Macharala instead of turning NET into a cybercrime thriller completely sidetracked the subject and dwelt only on human emotions. Had he concentrated on how cops or the lead pair catch the criminals, it would have been more gripping and thrilling. With most of the time spent only on human emotions, the narration dragged testing the viewers’ patience.

After all the hard work the ending feels a little unsatisfying. A simple tying up of the different character arcs would have been better. The way it is one gets a feeling that there is more to come, but it ends. Write about topics that interest you – anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups. The rest of the film is about what happens when Lakshman’s voyeurism becomes too difficult to handle. If you are already a registered user of The Hindu and logged in, you may continue to engage with our articles.

Any thriller depends on a good BGM as much as the performances and screenplay but music composer Naresh Kumaran has that covered. The concept of watching the lives of others through illegal cameras that forms the core plot of the film sounds interesting. There is that unpredictability factor through the course of the film. NET, a tech thriller starring Rahul Ramakrishna and Avika Gor in the lead roles is streaming on ZEE5. According to Telugu films box office records, Telugu films have more hand in all the box office records that are being broken these days.

Before the film’s release, ‘Color Photo’ director Sandeep Raj made sensational comments about Mukhachitram, which he wrote, and the film featured Vishwak Sen in a guest role. The key family emotions in Rahul Ramakrishna’s plot has been executed without missing the authenticity and so is the case with the scenes between Avika Gor and her boyfriend. Rahul Ramakrishna is apt in his role as a family man. His performance in a few crucial scenes brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. Especially, his acting during the last fifteen minutes of the film is an added advantage. It goes to the next level when he comes across an app that allows him access to anonymous couples through hidden cameras.

He takes his own sweet time to establish the characters and the narration goes at a snail’s pace with Rahul watching Avika on mobile. By the time, Bhagav establishes his motive, the film nears completion. In the process, he ended up repeating the same scenes again and again like the unhappy relation between Rahul and his wife and the mysterious relation between Avika and her boyfriend. Though little interest is generated at the pre-climax, the climax turned out to be flat. He left many loopholes and the illogical narration marred the output. There are many unanswered questions and one gets a feeling that Bhargav planned to leave the loose ends with a plan to come with another part.

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