I have had the pleasure of experiening Jamie both at live seminars and on one on one online teaching. Please tick if you would like to receive news, offers and information from our trusted and carefully selected partners that we think you might like. So the human already possess within an incredible primal instinct, BUT wait, there’s a twist here; due to the society that we all now live within, the human has become domesticated, what does that mean?

The technique of covering is widely used among martial arts and has a multitude of variations. It is taught and practiced in more than 15 countries all around the world. It’s a modern form of self defence, which addresses many of the scenarios not taught today.

Get access to first hand training from the main man, the creator and founder, Justo Dieguez and his team of professionals – the international top team Jessica Dieguez and Bogdan Suciu. You will receive an exclusive service for your training as an Instructor, with a program in which the training will be delivered in person or in Keysi academies within teaching groups. Keysi has been designed as a continuous progress in the fields of personal growth and self-defense. They are therefore reliable and correspond to a real experience with Jamie. My teaching method is of cool and calm_ based my teaching into extent of being understandable by students_ always give my… I will be teaching you self defence and how fight in the streets and in the ring, I will also be teaching you…

Having spent 25 years in Florida prison system as a pirsoner I can attest to the philosophy behind KFM and its effectiveness. The style I use, a mixture of JKD,Arnis,Kenpo,and Juijitsu, bears close resembelance to KFM, in both technique and mental state, and served me well in many prison brawls involving multiple attackers. The “pack” mentality is a norm among street “thugs” and requires actions not typically male gymnast physique trained for in many martial arts or in depictions of the tv/movie fantasy land most people envision as representative of reality. Having engaged in CQC in real life or death situations I can assure the reader that the ability to explode into action when confronted with a possible violent situation is of paramount importance in the real world if one is to survive an encounter with modern day thugs.

The third level of countering is Awareness Defense which is a covering usage that utilizes predicted movement to defend against an opponent using evasive body positioning and counter-attacks while maintaining a covered position. In each level of defense, covering oneself is used throughout, coupled with other evasive and countering techniques at times. By Justo Dieguez since 2012; this self-defense system has been created to act and react while defending yourself. Covering in martial arts is the act of protecting against an opponent’s strikes by using the arms and shoulders to block and absorb the impact of strikes on the head and torso and prevent injury. Covering is the last line of defense to avoid an incoming strike and consists of putting arms and forearms up and in front of the area on the body that is being blocked.

It was created through life experiences encountered within the streets, influenced through years of study and research. As a result, it has evolved and become one of the most devastatingly effective methods of self-defense. KFM is then not a copy of this or that, nor is it a theoretical explanation of many different martial arts. On the contrary it is a perfectly planned and defined unity of concepts and principles, fruit of long, rigorous and tested introspection.

Understanding not only the physical and emotional aspects of self-defence, but also the needs of business managers, John brings his experience of both worlds together in our training courses. Keysi , a philosophy of life based on personal growth, with martial arts as a medium according to a philosophy that is grounded on knowledge, research and experimentation. It is a way of understanding, developing, expressing and transmitting knowledge. Covering is used as a defensive technique and can function on three levels of execution.

It prepares you to avoid and handle danger and to get to safety more effectively than other Martial Arts. It is also unlikely that you’ll be fighting a single person and you may even need to protect your family, friends or loved ones. Attacks can come from anywhere, and usually when you least expect them.

The DNA fight science program devised by Andy Norman and Defence Lab is a reflection of his very own provocative life journey so far. Andy has an awesome training pedigree from Europe, and a massively colourful history, thus Defence Lab will continue to be a reflection of one of today’s great pioneers of modern urban martial art training methodologies. I have used Jamie to cover a number of styles in my club as well as private solo classes from BJJ, self defence and personal safety and currently I am going through a boxing programme with him. KFM, Keysi Fighting Method made people sit up and take notice, including Hollywood.

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