After the video was shared to Twitter, people began using screenshots of him crying as reaction images and GIFs as an exploitable, typically to express sadness in a humorous context. Rittenhouse has been in the media spotlight after being cleared of all five charges in his homicide trial after fatally shooting two men and wounding another at an anti-racism protest last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin. However, the exact extent of support for the teenager among local law enforcement agencies, whether via monetary donations or public statements, remains undetermined.

The trial goes to closing arguments on Monday, November 15, 2021, and then the jury will deliberate. Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty by a Kenosha jury of all charges on November 19, 2021. This week, we’ve got the New York Times’s Kyle Rittenhouse tweet, yassification and Jake Gyllenhaal reacting to “All Too Well (10-Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version).” He’s previously posted cringy takes on everything from Let’s Go Brandon to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Chris Burbank, a former police chief in Salt Lake City who is now with the Center for Policing Equity, told that news outlet it takes the brain about three-fourths of a second to react to a perceived threat, and most police can then draw a gun and fire two accurate rounds in 1.5 seconds. Put another way, the pivotal portion of a killing like Toledo’s can be over in less than three seconds.

Right-wing memes using Rittenhouse’s image have spread on social media. In a study of his image being used as a meme on Twitter, the Global Network on Extremism and Ideology found thousands of instances of Rittenhouse’s face and commentary on his actions shared through a variety of different hashtags. Multiple political figures have shared those memes, including Donald Trump Jr. and Barry Moore.

The Hill said the law “would require the state to reimburse defendants found not guilty of homicide charges due to self-defense.” Griffey additionally proposed a proclamation be created in honor of Rittenhouse, saying he “deserves to be recognized as a hero.” In November 2021, Oklahoma Senate Representative Nathan Dahm introduced Senate Bill 1120, called “Kyle’s Law”. The bill states if a defendant is charged with murder, but is found not guilty due to justifiable homicide, the state must reimburse them.

First, the meme’s assertions about both teenagers’ identities and Rittenhouse’s actions at the Kenosha protest are accurate. Rittenhouse carried an AR-15-style rifle and killed two people during that protest. A meme comparing the treatment Adam Toledo received at the hands of police to that of Kyle Rittenhouse accurately lists the facts pertaining to both incidents. Rittenhouse also set up a donation fund, the paralegal salary san antonio “Media Accountability Project,” to raise money in order to sue people for defamation over their comments about him before and after the trial. Following his acquittal, Rittenhouse has appeared on a number of right-wing news channels and podcasts, met former president Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and walked on stage to his own theme tune at the Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix in December 2021.

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