Kartik Aaryan gives a shout out to Ajay Devgn’s Drishyam 2 with a ‘pav bhaji’ twist

As a producer, I keep wondering how can I bring something new to the table. I have never produced a film thinking if there is a role for me. There was no role for me in Balak Palak , which is about four boys wanting to watch an adult film, or in Yellow , which is about a special child becoming a swimming champion. I did play flow la movie ig the lead role in Lai Bhaari, which is a commercial venture. Next, I have produced a Marathi film called Faster Fene, which is almost a Sherlock-ish character based on a Marathi comic book hero. By the year-end, I would shoot the biopic of Chhatrapati Shivaji where I am essaying the title role as well as producing it.

Do not forget to ask for a butter pav and kanda masla marke also some papad if you like. Seriously I don’t understand why this place is so popular, you can find tastier Pav Bhaji in any nook and corner of Mumbai. Locating the place was a challenge and we often drove past it.

It very well received by both critics and audiences, and it was extremely successful both in India and overseas. It was nominated for and won many awards. At Filmfare Awards, It was nominated in many category including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. Over the years, it has become a cult film.

Quick service is an added advantage of eating here. Transport yourself to a world of taste by biting into the freshly served pav bhaji at this joint. The backdrop of Arabian Sea and the breezy atmosphere are perfect to enjoy a plate of the snack on any given day. Tucked away in a corner close to the CST, this pav bhaji stall is an assuming spot to relish an orangey and mildly flavoured bhaji with nicely toasted pav-bread. Generally, Mumbai local passengers and tourists walk over to this place for a quick bite.

Press the Cancel button to turn off the Instant Pot. Mumbai enjoys attention as a food haven because it serves the all-time-favourite snack – pav bhaji. Although, almost every North Indian restaurant has this delicacy on its menu, gorging on a pav bhaji in Mumbai is an unmatched experience. Having experienced the best sights of Mumbai, one might feel hungry, and what is better than the modest pav bhaji? While others may not have budget restrictions, some of you may want the pav bhaji bill to go easy on your wallet. Taking in view different budget groups, we have a list for you to consider when in Mumbai.

Paav bhaji was very tempting and pulav had nice spicy flavour. At Sardar Refreshments, food takes the centre-stage, not the décor. This place feels like a rustic country kitchen that has put in a few extra tables and chairs, and has called in a few friendly people for a good bite. The highly rated Pav bhaji is served with generous amounts of butter with a fair sprinkling of the green coriander.

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