KaiPing GADA Motorcycle Fitting Product Co ,LTD

I have emailed them twice with no response. This is a scam that should not happen. How do these people get away with this.

They told me that they can give me 20% back or that they can send me a replacement. The total cost was $25.00 and they only refunded me $5.00. The also told me that once I get my refund to give them a good review. My response was no because they didn’t deserve it. Who ever these people they are nothing but scammers, stealing people’s money. I regret making a purchase from them.

There’s no way I should be paying $59.95 for a candle that looks like that. I purchased a nonstick frying pans 40% off price $39.99 total $46.98 back in the beginning of November. November the 5th invoice ID WDL62405 and haven’t received it yet. The money was debited from my account.

So please be ware of this company they are nothing but thieves. Within three working days after making the investment decision and appropriating the investment funds, IDMC shall send one photocopy of the IDMC resolution, one original of the letter of commitment to compliance and one scanned copy of the payment voucher to National Guidance Fund and each of other limited partners. Within three working days after making a resolution to exit or liquidate an investment project, IDMC shall send materials relating to such exit or liquidation to National Guidance Fund and each of other limited partners. The Partnership shall authorize the custodian bank to keep custody of all the funds in the Custody Account. Unless unanimously agreed by all partners, the Partnership shall not open any other bank account, except for the partnership capital verification account, basic account and raised funds settlement account opened for the Partnership.

Casei cells and the other for generating fluorescence signals, were employed to develop an aptamer-based strategy, which was demonstrated for the selective detection of L. Casei in commercial dairy drinks, with a dynamic range of 10⁵ to 10⁹ cfu/mL. Casei cells www.thapyaynyo.com could be discriminated based on the significant difference in fluorescence intensity. This established strategy is of high selectivity and sensitivity, and can be used for rapid analysis of viable L. Casei in quality control and food surveillance areas.

I’m not 100% sure if it’s his company or his personal network, but the company appears to have some fairly high-profile clients. If you’re not familiar with Shixi, he’s the founder of the Shixi Co., one of the leading wireless networking companies in the world. He’s also an active member of several other organizations, including the IEEE, the CSIA, the Wi-Fi Alliance, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and of course the Shixi Co. Cell-SELEX is a powerful tool to screen aptamers binding to living cellular organisms such as bacteria, fungi and even oncocytes.

Other circumstances provided for in applicable laws, administrative regulations, rules and this Agreement under which the limited partner is regarded as withdrawn from the Partnership. 3.4.3 In no event shall General Partner or any of its employees shall, in its/his/her own name or in the name of any related party, receive any interest in any form from any invested enterprise or any related party, including, without limitation, consulting fees, gift shares, equity investments, etc. In the event of any interest transfer in any of the above forms, all such interest shall be transferred to the Partnership’s custody account. 2.4.3 The custodian bank will be proposed by the General Partner, and will be employed /changed through a Partners’ Meeting resolution. When I received the item, it has damage on.

After seeing a very nice ad on facebook , I ordered a non stick fry pan with lid, waited 2 months , unable to contact them and finally received a cheap tin sauce pot with dents and broken knob on lid… they will bait and switch and are scammers.. They have continuous ads with different names … Crooks .. What I received was a oblong gadget for knitting? Not sure what it is and no instructions.

Shixi Network Technology Co., Ltd is deceiving consumers. Introduce a sophisticated product with the price of the cheaper product. We all got the same thing when we ordered that. I’ve sent another email demanding a full refund as the mistake is theirs and have told them I will be taking up a dispute through PayPal. We are very regret to hear that the unit can’t meet your expectation.

The arbitral award shall be final and binding on the Parties. Except as otherwise provided herein or agreed by the Parties in writing, each party shall bear the taxes and expenses incurred by it in connection with the preparation, negotiation, execution and performance of this Agreement. 8.7 After paying off the liquidation expenses, legal indemnities, outstanding taxes and the debts with the properties of the Partnership, the residual properties may be distributed in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Agreement. 7.6 Each partner shall pay taxes in accordance with laws with respect to all distributions it receives from the Partnership.

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