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We recommend starting small with 2 to 3 sets and a range of lateral bounds per leg. Once you become more advanced, you can adjust the sets and reps accordingly. A good pair of training shoes is all you need to perform lateral bounds. Consequently, it makes for a good exercise at home, in a hotel room, and really anywhere. Keeping your core tense, drive your toes into the ground then jump sideways and swing both arms in the same direction.

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Before moving into advanced variations, it is essential that an athlete have a broad plyometric background. Responsible coaches milk every last drop out of a stimulus before progressing because they know it is the best way for an athlete to maximize what they have been given in the future. As a high school coach, my hand has definitely been forced because of what an athlete has done outside of our program.

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However, the subjects in the current study were recreationally trained, and their vertical jump and LB performance were lesser than that from higher level athletes. For example, the males and females in this study had a mean vertical jump of 63.18 ± 11.50 cm and 44.51 ± 7.08 cm, respectively. Junior college football players had a mean vertical jump of ~0.70 cm , while Division I football players had a mean vertical jump of ~0.80 cm . Considering both legs, the mean LB from this study was approximately ~1.40 m. Following specific speed and agility training, recreationally-trained males and females had a LB of ~1.80 m .

While we’re not saying everyone should do lateral bounds, it’s beneficial to train in various directions for a balanced and healthy physique. Lateral bounds combine many different aspects of fitness and performance including plyometrics, resistance training, joint control, balance, athletic movement, and cardiovascular fitness. Few movements can compare when it comes to a convenient bodyweight exercise that comes with so many benefits.

If you are not sure whether you are doing straight leg bounds properly, it is advisable to do it while being watched by the coach. If that is not an option, then ask another runner to observe you or record yourself so that you can see whether you are performing the exercise properly. No matter where you train, lateral bounds make for a great cardio exercise with no setup at all.

As both LB and weighted LB did not negatively affect 505 COD speed test time, strength and conditioning coaches could incorporate plyometrics prior to COD drills to enhance training efficiency. There should be no detriment to COD speed as long as appropriate and individualized recovery periods are utilized. The purpose of this study was to determine if LB and weighted LB could potentiate COD performance as measured by the 505 COD speed test in college-aged men and women. The results did not support the hypothesis that LB performed both unweighted and weighted with 10% body mass could acutely improve the 505 COD speed test. Even though the best potentiated 505 COD speed test performance following the LB or weighted LB was faster, they were no different to the 4-min rest control condition.

Two of the aforementioned long jumpers are shown here. It does not take an experienced eye to see their elasticity. The key was how to use it.

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