I’ve made 7 figures selling planners to nurses Here’s what my time in the ER taught me about running a business.

Thome said the channels RegisteredNurseRN and Level Up RN were two of her “go-tos” for different topics during nursing school. “Both have videos pertaining to subjects that some profs just didn’t explain as well—they are short and to the point, that’s what I really liked about them,” she adds. If your school doesn’t require it yet, definitely get yourself a penlight and scissors.

The planner is designed similarly to a paper planner, with different spreads, research templates, and section dividers. In addition to the monthly, weekly, and daily spreads, the nursing planner includes trackers for habits, assignments, and annual income. This can be a great way to track what you’re earning at your part-time job. Check our guide for the 17 best nursing student jobs. This planner is specifically designed for nursing students, including very specific tracking and organization systems. It’s a great choice for nursing students who want a tool built for their specific needs, rather than a generic academic planner.

However, it’s also available in beautiful blue for those who prefer a different color. The Panda Planner utilizes thick 100G paper to provide a smooth, comfortable, and highly legible writing/reading experience. As a result, it gives a premium-grade paper that’s reliable, practical, and able to manage ink bleed-through effectively. The thick paper also improves durability and lifespan to maintain the planner’s construction for years.

The various segmented sections allow you to organize every detail of your schedule effectively and efficiently. Besides that, Moleskin offers 18-month planners for better goal and task management. Each page is clean and intuitive to manage and track activities quickly and efficiently. These planners take HOURS to create, so the only way it makes sense from an economic standpoint is to make them for a general audience. I’ll look and see if I have any left (it is pre-printed and ready to go!). Take minutes one day a week, whatever works best for you, and plan your life out.

The Coboll Planner features full monthly view pages for every month. It has separate pages with a full weekly halloween costumes college guys view for more detailed planning. The coated monthly tabs and inner pocket make it more convenient for usage.

Our mission at Cute Notebooks + Journals is to draw that inspiration out with elegant designs and uplifting covers. To help you get the most out of your diary, our notebooks for nurses come in three convenient options — all of which are compact, lightweight, and easily fit in your bag or purse. Similar to Erin Condren Academic Planner, pages of this planner have inspirational quotes with the aim of motivating users. Monthly holidays are also being highlighted accordingly. Bliss Collection’s Monthly Planner Tear Off Pad—it’s handmade, comes with 18 sheets, and has a section on the side for additional notes. It would be ideal for a desk or hung on a wall nearby.

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