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Although there are still some regulations regarding where the service can pick up or drop off visitors, it’s one of the easiest way to explore the San Juan area. Some car rental locations rent cars to people over 21, but they have to pay additional fees to get them. When you’re interested in the prices of a car rental, ask the company if the advertised price includes the insurance fees.

➡️ For a trip to El Yunque Rainforest in the northeast, we recommend booking your tour here with Puerto Rico As A Local. ➡️ To visit the caves and rivers of Arenales on the northwest coast, we recommend booking your tour here with Puerto Rico As A Local. 🚙 Road conditions aren’t always spectacular and tend to have lots of potholes and narrow “lanes”.

We are staying near Old San Juan the first couple of days without a car, and planned to go back to get the car when we plan too leave SJ. As excited as you might be to start your vacation, I recommend that you don’t skip reading your car rental contract. Many tourists lose their deposit or pay extra fees because they violate the car rental contract without knowing so. Simple things like returning your rental car full of sand or with damp seats can violate the company’s terms. Read and take note of everything before leaving the location.

You also have occasional water transportation options while on the island. You can choose from ferries, sailboats, or cruise ships to travel around the PR coastline. These options offer a scenic method of getting around Puerto Rico, especially San Juan, which many cruise ship companies serve. If you will be in Puerto Rico for a few days, you might as well rent a car based on all the money you will end up spending on cabs.

You’ll have to buy the insurance if you don’t have any and it will add to your car rental daily rate. Compare and organize the fares for car rental locations and providers from the lowest to the highest price, plus it allows you to book hotels, and flights too. Be aware that you cannot use the cash lane on the Express routes if bora bora vs fiji vs maldives you are in a rental car. You can find the express routes on all but the West side of the Island. You can avoid driving on the express routes, but it will add a lot of time to your trip. For example, traveling on the express route from San Juan to Rincon can save nearly an hour , bringing the 3.5 hour trip down to 2.5 hours.

Getting around to different places in Puerto Rico can be a real hassle. Public transportation operates on a seemingly random schedule, renting a car can take a long time and be very frustrating, and taking a cab can end up being very expensive. There are bad potholes everywhere that sometimes are not even visible. People routinely roll through stop signs, stop in the middle of traffic suddenly for no reason and drive way too fast or too slow. There is a reason that shipping cars to Puerto Rico can be the sole purpose of a business.

Bicycle Rental and Walking Tours– Bicycle tours are another way to travel the area around your hotel, especially in the San Juan area. These tours include food tours, art tours, and sight-seeing tours. Be sure to read the details to make sure it fits your location and the needs of your travel party. Here is a guided segway tour offered in Old San Juan if you are interested in touring the city on a segway. For adventuring outside the Metro area, however, it is advised that visitors rent their own vehicle, as ridesharing is not widely available. If you have questions about how to get around the region you will be staying in, a quick call to your hotel or lodging ahead of time can give you a clear idea on how to move around.

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