Is the ParaGuard cleanse safe?

Sure enough, according to Kaveh Hajifathalian, an assistant professor and director of Advanced Endoscopy at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, you most likely don’t need to do a parasite cleanse. Some parasite infections will disappear on their own, especially if you have a healthy immune system, but others will need to be treated with oral medication. ParaGuard is an herbal supplement that contains wormwood, pumpkin seed, and garlic bulb and is intended to help with digestion, according to the Zahler product website. Pediatric emergency doctor Dr. Meghan Martin told her followers the most common worms people in the US need to be concerned about are pin worms, which are common in young children, not in adults. ParaGuard is an herbal supplement that contains wormwood, pumpkin seed, and garlic bulb and is intended to help with digestion,according to the Zahler product website. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.

They also use Paraguard to kill parasites, as well as activated charcoal and fulvic acid to avoid the toxins they let off when they die. Today, you are no more or less likely to get a parasite infection than you were twenty years ago. It’s only our focus—and the trends of the moment—that change.

But some experts say DIY de-worming with ParaGuard is harmful for your gut and can ruin your microbiome which can cause diarrhea, food intolerences, and autoimmune conditions. Read on to find out about parasite cleanses, and whether or not one could work for you. Natural products as a source for treating neglected parasitic diseases. Anyone concerned about parasites or the possibility that they have a parasitic infection should see a doctor. The authors of a 2013 study note that many natural products show promise as antiparasitic treatments. However, there is not enough research to suggest them as cures yet.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Content creators are sharing their own tips and experiences with supposedly ridding their bodies of parasites that may have entered their systems. The details can be gross and the process can be arduous, but how effective is a parasite cleanse?

Parasite cleanses may also worsen autoimmune symptoms or other chronic health conditions. Cleanse supplements may also be harmful to individuals who are anemic. You should always talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement. A parasite cleanse is actually a very common at home procedure to excrete potentially harmful parasites and detoxify your body. Even if you suspect you have worms that need to be removed, Hazan said it’s important to consult a medical professional before ordering any supplements or medications online.

The taste is strong so I mix mine in a little cranberry juice. Some researchers claim that expelling harmless helminths from your body works against you—that these worms work to balance out our gut biomes and prevent allergies and autoimmune disorders. Regardless of exposure, Akinsete says that you don’t need to check for parasites if you fairsweety don’t have any symptoms. If you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor and pharmacist before beginning. New health trends are popping up on TikTok every day, and some of them are a little bit questionable. “It’s a part of our microbiome. Your stools are supposed to be composed of bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc.,” Hazan said.

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