Is “SoccerPro” a reputable place to purchase a jersey? : coys

All purchases exceeding two InflateR Pro come with free US shipping. Replica jerseys are made for a fan in the stands – with excellent materials for highest levels of comfort and wear. For the soccer mad millions, Pro Soccer is the ultimate online destination. The place where they can get exactly what they want, whenever they want it. The very latest authentic merchandise from every top club, country and major tournament, delivered to you, anywhere on earth.

When I purchased my 9 items for $250, the shipping date was 10 business days. After a week of waiting on my order, I called customer service. The estimated arrival time is in 40 days, which is almost the end of the soccer season.

The costumer service is based on the UK and have an outdated business model and bad costumer service. I paid for shipping to get my Jersey on time to watch my game and 3 days latter I was still dealing with customer service about crazy requirements. I don’t need the product anymore and they still haven’t refund my money. Plus once the order is placed there is no way to cancel it online and there is no valid phone number to call. SoccerCleats101 is the leading soccer cleat review website in the US, owned and operated by former pro soccer player, Bryan Byrne.

The focus is speed/acceleration and absolutely nothing else (except decent durability/comfort). Do you have suggestions on cleats for my daughter who will begin her U17 season? She’ll be D1-bound, playing on artificial turf and also has a wide foot. AVE – “Average”; The boots average score across 5 categories. Ask to get answers from the staff and other customers. Needless to say, if they ever do show up I will return them for a full refund.

Their have no customer service and their products are trash. I have been very happy with every purchase and so much so that I have told friends about the… Purchased adidas predator edge plus in August £160 these have now started to come away at the seems.

I had placed an order on November 11th, and my order was bound to arrive in middle to late November so I was very hopeful since the world cup season is starting soon. Few days had passed on my scheduled delivery day, so I went to check on the website about my delivery and item details. Turns out the my item hasn’t even been shipped yet and the they are processing backdrop on my item.

I tested and they left me on hold for over an hour before I hung up. If your club has the option try to find a better solution for your uniform needs these folks abuse and simply don’t care about their customers. After 15 years of good service I recently had a poor one. Ordered a jacket which was paid for via paypal and sent out to Australia in good time – no issues. One week later decided to buy a pair of boots using exact same shipping address, PDS profile/account and payment method .

I never liked ordering top quality cleats online i… Worst experience ever I order a pair of cleats and… I purchased a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor IX shoe… Got a defective shoes and they won’t replaced because it doesn’t affect the players performance when I pay for something I expect something without defects.

The InflateR Pro is only available via the official website only. The gadget is cordless, lightweight, and 100% portable. The manufacturer claims monmouth university gpa it is affordable, and users do not have to break the bank to purchase it. Customers making multiple orders qualify for higher discounts.

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