Intermediate IEW Composition Online Westfield Washington Public Library

This course includes weekly vocabulary study and optional corresponding historical novels and literature response. In this class, students will practice IEW-style writing (based on Andrew Pudewa’s Institute for Excellence in Writing program) using ancient history-based writing lessons. This is a great class for students who have some IEW experience and want to continue reviewing and practicing writing from a source and using key word outlines, dress ups, and openers. The text sources in this class are ancient history-based, so students will learn some history and vocabulary while focusing on becoming skilled and confident independent writers. Discover and be amazed at the wonders of the ancient world while learning to write with structure and style!

This gradual approach reduces pressure and helps students focus on one new skill at a time. Avid writers and hesitant writers alike can benefit from strengthening structure and style in manageable steps. Students’ confidence soars as they master the skills necessary to organize and construct their essays, then unleash their creativity to build on that foundation. IEW has a brand new and much improved grammar program!

Home school conventions are around the corner, and curriculum sales abound! With so many homeschool products available, it is hard to decide what is the best curriculum. With over 25 years of homeschooling under my belt, I can honestly state that I have jumped on many bandwagons as new products evolved over time. My kids are learning do protein powders have creatine so much, and I LOVE how it is tied right into our history. I am a registered certified IEW instructor and have been using the curriculum with my own children for 5 years. Sign up on our Online Class Interest Email List to be among the first to be notified when registration opens and for other important online class news.

Christian Halls International offers online tutorials. Upon completion of the CHI application, additional instructions will be provided to complete enrollment at SEU. Weekly assignments can be emailed for personalized editing and feedback at an affordable cost. Complete the registration form for more information. Please scroll down to view what is available for the Fall 2022.

(This checklist could become a grade as the parent chooses.) We will cover IEW units 1-5 and all the dress-ups and sentence openers as we march through time. We all know the moral of “slow and steady” wins the race! Working at one’s own pace is a guaranteed way to success. This fall, families have that same opportunity with writing and history! A self-paced program is offered this fall for all volumes of Connecting with History. To learn more and to register, click here.

“All four of my students are better writers for having been under her grace filled, sincere instruction. I was a better mama for bringing in the best resource.” On demand classes provide the same student and parent support as a live class but are delivered asynchronously. Our live instruction allows your student to see, hear, and interact with his or her instructor every week and to receive personalized feedback on every paper submitted. Dual Credit instructors that wish to take a more direct role in the program can watch the teacher-training videos that are part of the premier version of the curriculum. The cost of the class is $78 per 6-week session, plus a one-time $15 supply fee due with the payment for this session. Students will also be required to purchase a Student Resource Packet before the first class ($15 — $19).

This is an asynchronous online class, which requires the purchase of IEW Structure and Style. English Composition II will be available in Spring 2023. Recorded, self-pace classes allow students the luxury to pause and review a session as needed. Six DVDs with instruction on the nine structural models and multiple stylistic techniques covered in the course. This includes 10 hours total viewing time—it can be watched prior to starting the course, or viewed one disc at a time throughout the school year—or both.

Do you have a reluctant writer or a student who gives you pushback? Online live classes provide support to you and your student throughout the entire school year. Students that have a 3rd grade reading level or higher and the ability to write or type will have the most opportunity for success in this class. They do not need any prior experience with the IEW program or prior knowledge of the ancient civilizations. You do not need to purchase any materials.

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