Inherently Funny Words Just For Fun

In 1983, the Harley Owners Group was formed, deliberately playing off the established hog nickname. Almost everyone seems to call this daylight savingS time, when the proper name is the singular of saving, not plural. This improper usage can even be found in some dictionaries. Saving is a participle in this phrase and modifies time. The word curfew came up when I just loaded the page. It comes from the French couvre feu, meaning “cover the fire”.

However, they had one practice that wouldn’t be bad to institute in modern times. To avoid passion and prejudice, trials were held in dark courtrooms. The Egyptians believed that if the all the participants could not see each other, the judge would be only moved by the facts of the case. A common expression applied to a person who does all the turns of work in a house. Before the days of separation of church and state, a person not professing the religion of the state was guilty of treason by heresy.

The age of the coin that the boy tried to use at the baker’s shop aroused suspicion. An investigation was launched and the whole affair was declared a miracle. Today is the Feast Eve of St. Martha, the patroness of housewives. According to legend, she vanquished a dragon with holy water while doing housework. Probably rough, boorish, according to Lord Hailes. It might bear this meaning as descriptive of the shaggy appearance of dog, …from French bourru, flockie, hairie, rugged, bourre, locks of wool.

Definitely not an obsolete word, but one that I had a vague notion of its meaning and had to look up today to be sure. Not an obsolete word, but another eponym. A daguerreotype is an early photograph on a silver, or silver-covered copper plate; also, the process of producing this type of photograph.

Using sharp knives, the companies’ swan wardens indicate ownership with one or two nicks, respectively, to distinguish their birds from royal ones. The Two-Necked Swan and the Swan with Two Necks, corrupted names based on the two nicks administered in this donnatal otc substitute custom, became popular appellations for British pubs as early as the 1550s. Today is the day Roman Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. 250, these seven Catholic boys fled Ephesus to escape punishment by the Roman Emperor Decius.

I didn’t realize that the term deadhead has been used throughout the ages by the entertainment world to refer to people who gain admission for free. Of course, in the most recent past, it has become the name for the most loyal Grateful Dead fans. My landscaper friends use the term for the task of removing the dead flowers from plants.

No one is quite sure where the word comes from, but it originally meant to put a frog on the end of a stick and throw it. An 18th-century word for a heavy thud or an awkward fall. Yet, experimental results and real-life observations seldom support that expectation. So we have dating methods and chronologies, yet we seldom ask what time is. The correlation between social problem and administrative remedy is seldom exact. In fact, it is difficult to run one’s eye over these listings without realizing – and regretting – how seldom they have been put to use.

It comes from the French baiser meaning to kiss and la main meaning hand. It comes from the French meaning beyond brave. This phrase meaning to be shocked or completely surprised, dates back to the days of sailing ships.

A book, a paragraph, or even just a sentence can change one’s life. One Word Publishing was born from a single word. A synonym for melodrama, ‘sardoodledom’ became the inspiration for our first book. We hope our words inspire readers in the same way. Further debates around pseudoscience and whether science can answer all of life’s questions further drove its popularity.

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