Indigo Plateau Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green Wiki Guide

The legendary beast that will appear will depend on the starter Pokemon you chose. The game will restart itself, and you’ll be back in Pallet Town. If you’ve captured more than sixty Pokemon now, Prof. Oak will upgrade your PokeDex, along with Gary’s. After the upgrade, you’ll find a “National” section, which can display up to 386 Pokemon. With this PokeDex, you can explore the rest of the Sevii Islands and catch Johto Pokemon (Pokemon that appeared in Gold/Silver/Crystal versions).

Finally, Haunter also has Mean Look, to stop you from switching Pokémon, which makes Curse rather lethal. Fortunately, Haunter is the weakest of Agatha’s Pokémon, and a strong special attack should bring it down quickly. 1st2nd3rd4th5thMoney BrunoOnix(lvl. 51)Hitmonchan(lvl. 53)Hitmonlee(lvl. 53)Onix(lvl. 54)Machamp(lvl. 56)5600Bruno’s main type is Fighting, so bring in your strongest Flying or Psychic types for him. On the other hand, he has two Onix to counter any Flying type, so bring in your best Water or Grass type for them. He begins with the lower-leveled Onix, who uses Rock Tomb to hurt your Pokémon and lower their Speed; Earthquake is still a powerful move as ever; and Iron Tail, which might also lower your Pokémon’s Defense. This Onix also has Roar to scare off your Pokémon, but if you are using a Water or Grass type, it is unlikely that he will get a chance to use it.

An alternative is to actually grind on the Elite Four themselves. Simplyuse the Pokemon Center you find right before the Elite Four, and then fight until all of your Pokemon are ko’d; you’ll just appear right back at the Center before the Elite Four, fully healed and ready to go again. Craftsman specialized in handmade dioramas inspired by video games. Charizard manifests a massive weakness to Rock types and an inability to hit them hard. Bruno’s Hitmonchan can hit a Pokémon that uses Fly with Sky Uppercut. It also uses Counter to send Physical Attacks back at the opponent with twice the power, making Psychic types the safest option against it.

Since Ice Punch is, in this generation, a Special Attack, Jynx can hit quite hard with that move, but its preferred strategy is to cause Sleep with Lovely Kiss or, against male Pokémon, infatuation with its Attract. Double Slap is hardly worth mentioning because it’s such a weak move. Cloyster is the most defensive of Lorelei’s Pokémon, using Protect to block attacks while slowly weakening your Pokémon with Hail, not too effectively. It also has Spikes, so switching Pokémon will result in any Pokémon that cannot Fly or Levitate getting hurt by the trap.

Twister and Bite are weak but can cause flinching. Agatha’s second Gengar is not as annoying as the first, but it does have more powerful attacks consisting of Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb. One might think that Dream Eater would be a better choice of move, but this Gengar has a Sitrus Berry to restore energy.

Of course, the higher the levels of the player’s Pokemon are, the more potent their attacks will be. Its a great reminder that the new Fire pokemon is a good one for the Fire type, and a great one for the Fire-type to work on since the fire-type moves are all that have been added for the Fire type. It makes you feel like a Fire-type character with good moves and good health. The pokemon with exp share can get a good amount of exp from there quickly. Obviously playing a game without any cheats will take hours but for elite four, it is the only place where you can roughly get 2 to 3 pokemon trainers with thousands of exp.

Lorelei is the first of the Elite Four and uses mainly Ice-types. If you have a Dark Pokémon on your team, it will do well against Jynx. If you manage to beat all five of her pokémon congrats! Heal and revive your pokémon, it’s time for number 2. Before players even get to the League, they should sell every item that they don’t need and use the money to buy as many Revives, Potions, and Full Restores as possible.

He will talk to you and give you the National Dex, which will let you catch all 386 Pokemon. (From the Kanto /Hoenn region) You have to beat the Pokemon League to move the guy blocking the cave. Once Gyarados is down, switch to your Ice-type Pokémon to take out his two Dragonair cowboy boots zipper side and Dragonite with Ice Beam or Blizzard. He then has Aerodactyl, which is a dual Rock/Flying Pokémon. Zapdos and Articuno are the best Pokémon for this fight. In the future, a young net-battler named Lan, boots his ‘personal exploration terminal’ and prepares to hack in…

It has Rain Dance to increase the already considerable power of Hydro Pump and can also use Bite. It is also fond of raising its Defense and then striking hard on the next turn with Skull Bash. Exeggutor will have a massive weakness to Bug types. It knows Light Screen to increase its Special Defenses. It will also use Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, and its signature move Egg Bomb. Rhydon is probably the weakest of Blue’s Pokémon and any strong Water or Grass attack can wipe it out easily.

Lance is the Dragon-type master of the Elite Four, and not a foe to be trifled with. All of his Pokemon use the very powerful move Hyper Beam, which can easily wipe out a Pokemon not resistant to it. However, there is a silver lining – Hyper Beam forces the user to miss its following turn so it can recharge. Another favourite move of his is Outrage, which is resisted by only the Steel-type. Ice-type moves are very effective in this battle, hitting everything on his team for a good amount of damage. It can help if players earn a lot of money and grab as many healing items as possible before taking on the Elite Four, particularly if they’re under-leveled.

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