If you do one thing this festive season, get yourself a bucket hat Here are 5 chic hairstyles to pair with this trending item Life

You can also pull off a few thin strands, braid them, and leave the rest of your curls open and free. On the other hand, many individuals with short hair like to wear these sorts of caps since they feel comfortable in them, so give a variety of styles a try. Later on, in 1960, bucket hats spread like wildfire all over Great Britain thanks to being adopted by the Mod subculture.

Part your hair to your preferred side, and be sure to leave out tendrils to frame your face. Spritz on a wave spray that provides UV protection to enhance natural waves and gather your hair into two low ponytails, secure with an elastic. Wrap your hair around each elastic to create two buns and secure with another elastic. If you’re on the fence about getting some fringe, take a chance and make the cut. Bucket hats and bangs go together like hot days and ice cream.

You probably don’t regularly carry a styling product with you, but if you know you are going to be taking your hat off, it’s a good idea to take some along. Of course, your hair will be damp afterward, but the hat hair will be gone. If there’s a hand dryer in the restroom, you’ve struck gold. Use that to dry your hair a bit; it’ll make all the difference. The perfect way to keep hair protected while staying stylish in the sun. I’m going to admit something here—something I’ve never said out loud before.

This works particularly well for summer or spring if you are wearing a dress and there is no chance of matching your bucket hat to it. Her fashion extravaganzas were on par with the best Sex and the City moments and two of her best outfits had top-notch bucket hats. Women have been dominating the hat market for decades.

You cannot go wrong here, but be sure to wear it properly. Be careful where you wear a bucket style, however, as it has a laidback and super casual feeling that may not be appropriate for the workplace or formal occasions. Both long and short-haired men can wear this hat and look classy. Pair your naturally textured hair with a laidback summer hat while working in the yard or traveling the countryside on your next vacation. Aging or brittle hair needs some protection from the sun that this type of hat provides. Cut hair in face-framing layers to minimize the appearance of breakage.

Here are some fresh ways to style hair with hats, no matter if it’s a cozy fireside vibe you’re after or for vacationing with a wide-brim number as sun protection. Or even if it’s not summer, you cowboy hats, baseball hats, and bucket hats are so trendy right now. Cowboy hat A cowboy hat has a tall crown that leaves a lot of room for a full, voluminous hairstyle underneath.

You will find colors creating a beautiful symphony with so many prints and mixing and matching. If you hat style has not been featured, let us know what hat you wear and why its great to wear with short hair. As you can how to avoid hot roots on gray hair see, there are plenty of options open to you guys out there on how to wear a hat with short hair. The most difficult challenge of all was learning how to wear a hat with short hair, especially with a new short haircut.

If the hat has a strap, make sure it is secure and not too tight. Pull your hair out of the hole, and adjust the fit of the hat accordingly. Ensure that the hat is not too tight, or it will put unwanted pressure on your forehead and cause discomfort. If your bangs are short, you can just tuck them under the hat. Next, adjust the fit of the hat so that it is snug but not too tight. If the hat easily falls off, then use a few bobby pins to secure the hat in place.

Morales says beanies are great “for a casual or sporty look” and pair equally well with wavy short or long hair, and long, sleek and straight looks. And if you have bangs, find a beanie that can sit back on the head to prevent your fringe from being squished down. If the hat feels too loose, secure it at the sides with bobby pins. If yours look flattened or otherwise awkward, try twisting and pinning your fringe back for the day. And wearing high ponytails tucked through the back of the baseball hat can look dated — wear it down or in low ponies or plaits to keep things fresh. Some types of hairstyles are not just uncomfortable to wear under hats, but also cause troubles due to pulling, friction and sweat.

Spritz with a light leave-in conditioner, scrape upward, and tie before folding hair either around or over itself and securing. Finding a haircut, hairstyle or color can be difficult. Our professional barbers and stylists at HairstyleCamp can make you pick the right look. That means a hair care routine of washing it properly with the right products, brushing it thoroughly, and focusing on nourishment. Your long hair should be worth showing off if you’re taking care of it. Ideal for a sleek, slightly feminine face, a beret is for the fashionable man who isn’t afraid of softer features.

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