I Tried the Curly Girl Method on My Wavy Hair Before-and-After Photos

Because I use creams and gels, a clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip my hair of moisture is especially important, but I’m not too picky about my shampoo. The conditioner is where I focus most of my attention, like many naturals. I like a product with great slip and oils that penetrate my hair.

In the world of hair, Proseis the company from which to buy your personalized hair-care products. The made-to-order shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks (from $25) from Proseare. Although I absolutely love my Prose hair care system, there were a couple of things I’m not super happy with.

I love the way this shampoo rids my hair and scalp of product buildup without completely stripping my strands — there’s none of that too-squeaky-clean feeling that isn’t ideal for moisturized curls. Survey questions include age and lifestyle, hair texture, and oiliness, how you style your hair, and many more. My two favorite aspects of the quiz are that they ask for your zip code (to determine water hardness, UV rays, humidity, etc.), as well as your hair goals. After my Prose products arrived, the difference was immediate.

It’s a lot softer (I credit that to the curl cream I’ve been using instead of gel), it has crazy volume , and detangling in the shower is a breeze with the Prose conditioner. In short, I’m having a great time with Prose and haven’t even spared my other products a glance since adding Prose to my routine. In the 10 years I’ve been wearing my hair naturally curly, I have always, always styled with a strong hold gel. When Prose suggested I use just their curl cream, I was extremely doubtful it would get the job done. However, after styling with the curl cream the way I would normally use a gel (sectioning my curls and then individually twirling each one with product—yeah, it takes a while), I was truly shocked by the results. Not only were my curls super defined, but they were also soft, bouncy, and full of volume.

Prose carefully selects a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients. I read that the synthetic ingredients they do use have mild risk. Glamorous in different ways, these two inspiring cities give Prose its unique edge. In a detailed Prose Reddit review, one user claimed the brand was “true to their word” when it came to shipping.

I’ve been adding a small amount to my damp or dry hair after I wash, concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends. I definitely notice less fallout and breakage, and I love the effortless texture and oomph it gives my style since it also pulls double duty as a styling cream. I also hope that Prose considers offering two masks—one for roots, one for ends—to interested customers who have both scalp and ends issues like myself. Ultimately, I was pleased to find that my how to avoid hot roots when coloring hair red new “ends” mask helped with some of my damage and that the fragrance-free formula helped balance dryness. Jess, in the meantime, hung her head over her kitchen sink the first go-round, and aimlessly stood in her shower staring at her watch the second week. Over multiple uses of the mask, I learned to just apply as soon as I got in the shower and go about the rest of my routine before washing it out—I didn’t always hit the 15-minute mark, but it got the job done.

The mask didn’t seem to have long-term healing efficacy, but more seemed to work like a Band-Aid. My box also contained a satin pillowcase, something curly girls use to prevent frizz while they sleep. Prose believes that their formulas guarantee optimal freshness people no products ever sit on the shelf waiting to be bought – a waste-free approach. 2.79 • 90 ReviewsProse makes customized haircare with sustainable and healthy materials.

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