How to Throw a Two Seam Fastball, Your New Third Pitch

The reason that this ball is so great to throw when you are behind in the count is because this type of pitch has absolutely no movement. So in answering that dad’s email, I gave him some tips, but really it’s tough to get everything across by email. So I’ve put together this video explaining the 2 seamer, why it moves, and how you can develop better movement on it.

Unlike the four-seam, which is held across the seams, the two-seam fastball is held with the seams. For both grips, it’s important to have your fingertips rest on the stitches, not on the slick part of the ball. Holding the stitches enables you to pull on the ball, creating friction and backspin.

To throw a splitter, split the middle and index fingers and grip the ball along the widest point of the ball. Don’t jam the ball past the midway point of your fingers, but the grip is firm. The thumb is along the seam of the bottom, on the back seam. I hope this will help you learn how to throw a two seam fastball. And after trying, if you think a 2 seam fastball is not for you.

When you pitch to contact that will help your defense make more plays and, ultimately, help you win more ball games. Practice with the grip during warm ups and in bullpens to master this pitch. The pitch thwarted both liner and grounder authority – his 81 and 87 Adjusted Grounder and Liner Contact Scores both ranked 4th best among qualifiers. WikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

Looking at the GIF above, we can immediately see that the index and middle fingers are leveraged onto both seams. This is standard for any two-seam fastball, giving it both a two-seam orientation and its namesake. We find that many athletes employ “FT 1” for both sinkers and two-seamers, but the most common separator is how the grip is used at release to create the desired movement. However, before we dive into that component, we’ll want to dissect how to hold the ball first. Due to the amount of overlap between sinkers and two-seamers, we combine their grip types within our database into one list for classification.

That means the ball will fade to the right on its way toward the plate if you’re a right-handed pitcher. If you’re a lefty, the ball will break toward the left side of the plate. As it moves in that direction, it will lose a bit of velocity and move down in the zone. Generally, pitchers will have slightly less control with this pitch because of that movement. Baseball is America’s pastime and has been played by people all over the world for well over the last 100 years. Since the beginning of baseball, throwing hard has played a huge role in the game, with the fastball being the most common pitch thrown.

Properly gripping the baseball will maximize backspin and minimize side spin which will increase the accuracy and velocity of the pitches thrown. This article will show you how to grip a 4-seam fastball, a 2-seam fastball, a cut fastball , and a split finger fastball , as well as offer tips on how to throw them. This pitch is going to feature more horizontal movement than vertical movement to it. And that horizontal movement will occur towards the arm side of the pitcher. So for example, if a right handed pitcher is throwing a 2 seamer to a right handed batter, the pitch will dart in toward the batter. Historically, the plan with 2 seamers was to keep them low in the strike zone and try to get hitters to hit the top half of the ball for an easy ground out.

This pitch is roughly the same speed as the four seam fastball which is the fastest pitch of all. This is one of the most common pitches thrown in baseball. Practice and perfect the two seam fastball and you will have added a great pitch four-seam fastball grip to your pitching selections. As a kid, you dream of throwing a fastball just like the pros. We break it down so you can add the heat to your pitching arsenal. Getting the right amount of movement on the two seam fastball takes practice.

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