How to Make a Playlist on TikTok: Everything Brands Need to Know

It is very easy to find your favourites on Tiktok. All you need to do is to visit your profile on Tiktok. There next to the Edit option on the top of your profile you will see the Favourites option.

Go to your profile by tapping the bottom right corner of your app. Next, you’ll be prompted with steps in the app to name your playlist and add videos. Note that you can only add public videos to a playlist. To begin, open the TikTok app and tap on ‘Profile’ on the bottom right. Next, within the ‘Videos’ tab in the profile, there will be a ‘Sort videos into playlists’ option if no playlists have been created, or a ‘+’ icon next to existing playlists.

As the name suggests, the Playlists feature allows you to create dedicated collections of video clips. TikTok Playlists are a great way to curate your content and organize it in a way that makes sense for you. Make use of TikTok playlists to curate your videos for a more user-friendly TikTok experience. You’ll then be prompted to name your playlist and add more videos. It also helps creators hook in new visitors and keeps them longer on their profile, which can boost views and engagement and it might even improve their authority ranking. The TikTok playlist feature is not available to everyone on the app.

All you need to do is hit the “Sort videos into playlists” icon in front of your screen. You can create playlists of your own videos, curate other people’s videos, or a combination of both. newsscriptblog If it’s about how to make categories on TikTok, the playlist feature along with collections is enough. As in, you can create a playlist with different videos on your TikTok profile.

If you’re rewatching an existing video on your profile, you might be struck with the idea to make a playlist for it right then and there. In this case, tap the three-dot icon on the right of the video or press and hold down on the video. You’ll be given the option to “Add to playlist” which you should click to get a “Create a playlist” option.

1.5 billion active users in the next 12 months , so it’s no wonder it’s constantly adapting things behind the scenes. (don’t worry this does not delete the actual video itself). And want to add lots of videos under a specific topic. 8 seconds so you need to be using every feature you can to get your brand’s content in their eye line quickly.

TikTok will then walk the user through adding videos and naming the playlist. Users can create a playlist directly from a video as well. To make a playlist from a video, go to the video being used to create a playlist and tap the three-dot icon on the video, or press and hold on the video.

And you can also view videos in this playlist by scrolling up and down. If you are one of the selected creators to have the feature, making a playlist is simple. If you decide you no longer want to keep a playlist, you can easily delete it without affecting any of the videos you’ve added. Just tap the three dots at the top of the playlist, choose Delete playlist, and then tap Delete to confirm. By default, the most recent video you’ve added to the playlist plays first. Those who can access the feature should remember that one video can only be part of one playlist.

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