How to Design Better Tests, Based on the Research

Since there are no ways around state tests, it is important to know and understand that standardized test taking strategies will help your students succeed. It is a great idea to come up with and practice strategies to help your students overcome test anxiety as well as pass their tests. Below, I will tell you about six different test taking strategies that you should review before every test. It is essential to make sure that your students understand all the elements of a test.

9.If the test is on a subject for which you can review (spelling test, math facts, etc.), help your child go over the material. 5.Get your child to school on time the day of the test. Ask if there’s anything she needs to chapman law library help her feel more comfortable about the test. Even if your child doesn’t need anything, knowing that she’s supported goes a long way. If you’ve noticed your child working hard to prepare for the test, let her know.

Identifying the elements of your state’s standardized test should be one of the first test-prep lessons you teach. Rather than teaching the strategies in isolation, students are more likely to internalize them in the moment, which is why it’s beneficial to coach as they’re taking a test. If they see how the strategies benefit them while they’re taking a test they’re more likely to implement them independently.

Some study resources suggest that it’s better to arrive on time to avoid “brain pickers”, students who ask questions right before a test, but we disagree. We believe there is more to be gained by arriving a little early. Since teachers often slightly modify information on tests to determine if students have a good understanding of concepts, spend time on honing test-taking skills. Did you know that about one in four children with ADHD also has an anxiety disorder?

I hope you find a useful strategy to share with your class! There is a printable download at the end if you would like to share these strategies with others. Fortunately, these “key literary elements” support strong reading comprehension and should be focused on even if there were no standardized tests to be taken. A similar download you may find useful is Vocab Gal’s 10 High-Stakes Test Terms to Know Poster. Vocab Gal suggests that teachers incorporate these terms into classroom activities and should clarify how best to answer each question stem while the stakes are low.

While working through a question, it is helpful to x-out the ones you know are false; it will save time if you need to go over the question again. For test taking strategy lessons, I focus on one strategy per lesson. We read and discuss a short text and then answer multiple choice questions that are written specifically for the students to use the test taking strategy of the lesson. “Just relax!” Commanding your child to chill out isn’t going to help combat his anxiety.

Until then, regardless of how we feel about state testing, we want to make sure that we are preparing our students to be as successful as possible on the state test. One way you can do that is to teach your students effective test-taking strategies. You might also rethink your policy around test retakes. Tests aren’t just tools to evaluate learning; they can also alter a student’s understanding of a topic.

And if you have to guess, guess the one that seems to make the most sense to you, and if you still have no idea, guess True, because most tests include more true statements than false. Are you in need of FREE test prep resources and activities to engage your students and help them feel confident about the test? I have a special free email series with TEN different test prep activities for grades 4-5 math and literacy teachers. Click here to get all of the details and sign up for the 10 days of test prep freebies, sent straight to your inbox.

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