How to Deal with Irritating Armpit Chafing

If you have larger, heavier breasts, you simply need a thicker strap to protect your shoulders. There’s a reason they make bigger bras with thicker straps—for your comfort and to protect your health. If they are indeed tight enough,the most common reason for a slipping strap is that the bra band is too big. As the bra band increases in size, the whole width of the bra’s construction increases—including the strap placement.

It’s a concept designed by yours truly, materialised IRL as a curved panel that runs over the top of your tatas, to reduce upwards motion when you’re active. Choosing styles with soft, but sturdy fabrics is key. Bras will abrasive fabrics and lots of seams in places that have chafed in the past must be avoided. Bras that lichen sclerosus natural remedies feel like they have a lot of stretch will almost always stretch quickly, leading to the dreaded “bra burn” aka chafing. The best prevention for Sports Bra chafing is getting a well fitted activity appropriate technical sports bra. So one of the biggest factors that will contribute to your bra chafing is the fit of the bra.

To avoid this bra fitting offence, the first thing you can do is make sure that you are wearing the correct bra size! A bra that fits well should be snug in the band, with center underwires that lay flat against your chest (not your breast tissue!). The cup should encompass your breast and provide a smooth transition from bra to breast, with no skin squeezing out of the top.

It is our goal to help you understand what the root causes of these common bra fit problems are, so you can correct them or prevent them from happening to you. You should feel relief in the support your bra gives you, not discomfort! Read on to find out what you can do to look and, more importantly, feel your best when wearing a bra. Straps slipping off your shoulders, bands that ride up, underwires that hurt – the list goes on and on! Almost all of the bra fit problems and discomfort that you experience with your bras is most likely caused by improper size and fit. Where there’s a bra problem, the Bra Fit Specialists at Forever Yours Lingerie have a solution.

Dr. McMichael has seen patients who’ve tried to lighten the patches under their pits with bleaching cream, but this is not recommended for the sensitive skin of the axilla. “When you try to treat it with a bleaching agent, it just doesn’t work, and it can be very irritating.” Karen is a senior editor at Health, where she produces health condition “explainers” backed by current science.

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