How to claim my Facebook business page that someone else created and manages

Maybe you have a physical location and a Place was created, which was then merged into a Page. Maybe some employee created one but it was never used. In any case, you have two options; take ownership of the existing Page for your business, or create a new Page. I manage several business pages with my personal FB account. Now I want to gain access back to my business pages. These are not unclaimed pages I am trying to take over.

Type in your business name and Yelp will show a list of storefronts. Click on your business and follow the directions to verify that it belongs to you. You will be asked to create an account.

You’re asked to verify that you’re the owner of the business through an e-mail or a document-verification process. \nYou’re asked to verify that you’re the owner of the business through an e-mail or a document-verification process. If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, you need to claim your Places Page as it shows up in mobile Facebook.

Facebook has also generated “unofficial pages” based on Wikipedia articles. If a business is listed on Wikipedia and the owners didn’t create a Facebook page, Facebook may just create one for them. The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that in order to manage or create a Facebook page, you need to have a personal Facebook profile. It is from your profile that you can claim and create pages. Fortunately, the process is easier than it is to claim ownership of an existing Page without an owner.

The page likes and followers will be merged, so you get new likes and followers to your official Facebook business page. This can be seen on both a mobile device and a desktop/laptop as shown in the following examples. On a mobile device, the “Unofficial Page” text isn’t shown but the “Is this your business?

Log in to your Facebook account and type the name of your business into the search box at the top of the page. There are several touch-points between businesses and their customers. For example, offline would be a bricks and mortar store while online would be a combination of Social Media platforms and Email exchanges. However, none of them leaves space for large amounts of… With approximately 500 million daily active users across Instagram globally, it’s a fantastic tool for creators and businesses in all industries.

As you establish a presence on the platform, you must improve your strategies. You should work towards capturing your audience’s attention and spreading your company’s message acecash to a wider audience. But before any of that, you need to know how to claim a Facebook Page. This is essential so that management of the page is fully in your hands.

These are pages that are managed by a personal account I cannot access. The claimed Facebook page for Barbwire Barbecue. Before you can claim your business page on Facebook, you first need to set up a personal account. If you don’t have an account, simply go to and register for one.

In this post we’ll dive deeper and explain step by step how to claim a Facebook page you don’t already manage. Help people find your Page by adding a profile picture and a cover photo. You can also add Facebook’s appointment booking tool to your page, if you want to start accepting appointment bookings through the platform. Enter your business name and select a category for your business. Once you’ve done this, Facebook will prompt you to enter an address and phone number for your business. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around with over 1 billion people signed up to the app!

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