How to Claim a Facebook Page That Isn’t Yours

Note that you can only merge pages if they are related and if you are an admin of both pages. Claiming Facebook pages means taking control of the page. You can do this by sending in a request to Facebook. Go to the About section on your business page to update your company’s information. Go to “Page Roles,” and under “Assign a New Page Role” enter the name or email of the person whom you wish to give access. When 68% of Americans are using Facebook on a daily basis, that’s a pretty good indicator that your business should be there.

If you see the option to request to merge your Pages, Facebook will review your request. If your request is granted, both pages’ likes and check-ins will be merged. The posts, photos, reviews, ratings, and username from the page you merged will be deleted. You will be able to choose which page you keep and which page is merged. The page you kept will remain unchanged except for the addition of the likes and check-ins from the page you merged into this one. The page you no longer want will be removed from Facebook and won’t be able to be unmerged in the future.

Duplicate or unmanaged Facebook pages can confuse your audience. Some will think you’re not updating the page or shutting down your business. This is why there’s a need to how to claim business page on facebook claim duplicate pages. There will be instances when a Facebook page related to your business is created without your knowledge. This can happen for different reasons.

What am I doing wrong here, there is no tab to select who can view the files, is there a glitch I need to fix? Being a Facebook Page owner is a key part of marketing your business on social media. If Facebook is happy this is correct, you’ll be the owner of the unmanaged Page. Maybe you want to buy their business, or there’s a Facebook Page ownership dispute.

And also that this is more than we agreed upon because I will not be able to schedule posts in advance to IG, causing me to spend more time manually posting. I am just not sure how to handle this from here. I do know that I dont want any risk to me or my company and I also know that I need to move on from this since I have already devoted so much time.

Not sure why having it notarized would matter since Im submitting it electronically…. I wish everyone would just stop using it! If a Page is unmanaged, you’ll see Unofficial Page below the cover photo.

People always want to know where an event is being held for example, as the event’s proximity to them will influence whether they go or not. Now check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription. On the new screen, follow the directions to claim your page. You can also utilize your online presence to help garner in more customers and maximize your potential for profits. Learn more by downloading our free playbook guide. You must have the Business document on your name not on the name who has left the organization, then only we can claim the request for you.

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