How to boost a Facebook premiere video post

A best practice is to tailor your copy for each social media platform as what works best on each platform differs. Alternatively, you can add text overlay to your videos using a video editing tool like Animoto. Colorful and to-the-point text overlays can make the video more appealing and engaging. Even though Facebook now auto-plays videos on the mobile News Feed with sound, it’s unclear how many people watch videos with the sound on.

Now, for the premiere function to really work, you should already have a small fanbase. Your existing fans will have no problem clicking the reminder button, because they’ll want to be there when the video goes lives. To get the PR ramped up, musicians find a publication to premiere the video for them. However, these days, that approach is becoming more difficult. Instead, musicians have turned to using their own platforms and utilising YouTube and Facebook Premiere.

He enjoys being out in the countryside and marathon walking. Just like a scheduled Facebook or YouTube Live, viewers can sign up to receive will ursprung collage artist reminders and join you when the video starts to play. Founder, Social ChefsFounder and CEO of Social Chefs, a digital marketing agency.

Navigate to the videos option from your page and click on “visit Creator Studio.” Tap on “Create new” and select the “Upload Video” option. Select the file that meets the premiere requirement from your device’s media. With these steps below, you’ll get to premiere your eligible videos on Facebook. They’re not complicated, just a few extra steps from uploading a normal video.

Make sure this content is distributed evenly between your other content. You don’t want to be seen to be pushing it too hard. How to host a watch party on Facebook with a live streamGood question. You can use the live chat function to get instant feedback and comments from the people watching. They can chat with you and with each other – building your online community further.

During the video, you could mention a CTA if you are talking in the video or use a text overlay (e.g. Learn more social media tips at Wistia found that such mid-roll CTAs have the highest conversion rates. With more and more people viewing videos on mobile, it’ll be great to experiment with square videos to see if they improve your video performance. You might even want to consider creating vertical videos since Facebook is now showing larger previews for vertical videos in News Feed on mobile. Earlier this year, we spent $1,500 to find out what makes videos successful on social media. Plan, schedule, and analyze your posts to Facebook Pages and Groups with Buffer’s Facebook scheduling and analytics tools.

If you’ve got other channels, it only makes sense to post about your Facebook Live feed on them. Your superfans might be start-to-finish viewers of your stream, but others will be popping in and out. We’ve got a full separate post about social media video specs and how to use them to your advantage.

If you can’t be there in person, watching a performance, concert, or competition unfold via Live is the next best thing. Or, if you’re not really into crowds or bathroom line-ups, it could be the best thing. The co-broadcast functionality of Facebook Live makes it the ideal format for grilling someone live on the air.

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