How to Achieve a Gorgeous, Defined Twist Out

They can be chunky or thin, many or few, all over your head or one each side of your head, there are lots of options. Add some color to your passion twist hair and lighten them up! To achieve this hairstyle, you can either get ombre hair extensions or you can color your hair, and braid them to achieve the desired hairstyle. This loose French braid is a great second-day hairstyle for straight hair.

It’s no wonder so many African women sport them. A few twist hairstyles can turn a basic ponytail into a fancy hairstyle. Moreover, it can relieve you from the use of curlers, strengtheners and chemicals because this style can protect hair from damage from daily routine breakages. One can comfortably wear these elegant look at home because it requires low maintenance, are versatile, protective, and easy to made style.

Wrap a hair tie around your hair, but leave the ends secured in the elastic rather than pulling the hair all the way through. You can wrap 1 of your twists around the base of the bun for a cute touch. Unravel each section to create a twist-out look. Sleep with your hair in a two-strand twist overnight, and gently unravel each twist the next morning. Shake your head from side to side to loosen the coils. Use a little coconut oil if your hair is dry, but pat it gently over your hair to keep it in a puffy shape.

On average, your twists will stay in place for about a week or so. By using products and hair ties, you can keep your twists intact for up to 2 weeks. After 1-2 weeks, undo your hair and try something new. Take a cue from singer Janelle Monae’s tapered twist-out hairstyle, which is perfect for short, kinky hair. Flat twist or two-strand twist your hair in the direction of the front of your forehead to achieve this look. For an easy twist hairstyle, make like Kerry Washington by creating a braided crown with her twists.

Carefully take your hair out of the hot water and remove the rollers. Let your hair dry naturally rather than using a blow dryer. If you notice, when you get your extensions the ends are cut blunt.

But nowadays, if you happen to fall down the rabbit hole of tuts on YouTube, you’ll be there for hours. The best thing is, twisted hairstyles can conceal second-day hair. In fact, they’re even easier to recreate in this case. Since such ideas look pretty simple, curology hair you can breathe individuality into it with a creative approach to the texture or accessories. For casual looks, a slightly texturized bun will do just great. And when it comes to special occasions, some hair embellishments will make your bun a red-carpet ‘do.

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