How Planet Fitness Aims to Become the McDonald’s of Gym Franchises

In fact, it would do this similarly even at just a couple pounds. The manufacturer may decide to counterbalance it more or less. There is no standardized method for this, which is why counterbalanced Smith machine bars usually weigh anywhere from 6 to pounds. A counterbalanced bar will feel lighter, generally 6-20lbs. The reason for the range is how much it is counterbalanced.

And nobody thinks you’re cool dropping your weights, I promise. We stress cables and pulleys, trample carpets, crack the vinyl on the weight benches. We create extra work for the gym staff – tightening screws, replacing parts, and occasionally removing traces of epidermal tissue from a barbell. Amanda Dvorak is a freelance writer and powerlifting enthusiast. Amanda played softball for 12 years and discovered her passion for fitness when she was in college. It wasn’t until she started CrossFit in 2015 that she became interested in powerlifting and realized how much she loves lifting heavy weights.

Along with the counterbalance weights, the effective weight of the bar in a counterbalanced Smith machine is also affected by the speed of the movement. We’d have to go on and on and on to list all of the Smith machine bar weights out there, and even then we couldn’t get them all as not all manufacturers list them on their sites. So, if you didn’t see the Smith machine you are using above, which is highly possible, and you want to nail down the exact bar weight, then here’s how you can measure it yourself…

They are whippier, so that the bar doesn’t require quite as much weight on it to be able to bounce. This matters in Olympic lifting (for example, when you let the bar whip as you’re standing up from a clean) and means basically nothing for other lifts. Power bars, used for squat, bench, deadlift, and the like, are the same size and shape as men’s Olympic bars.

Their two most popular commercial Smith machines, CF 3753 and CF 3754, have bars that weigh 25lbs and 52lbs respectively. The point is, yes the angle of the rail plays a role in the weight of the bar, but it’s minimal. The main purpose of the angle is for the bar’s path of motion, not its weight.

The company is not only recession-proof, it’s satire-proof. The Daily Show spoofs its lunk alarm, and Planet Fitness grows. Understand that Gosselin isn’t apologizing for any of this. This is the company whose commercials make fun of bodybuilders and gym bunnies, the people most dedicated to serious training.

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If you want to know the bar weight of a specific Smith machine model, then search through our site, because we’ve pretty much covered every Smith machine available in Britain at this point. Linear bearing Smith machines give you more of the feel of a free weight barbell. With nothing iew online to balance the weight, you get more of the actual weight of the bar when lifting. The bar is attached to a carriage system that slides up and down. The bar can be rotated by the lifter to rack the weight, giving lifters a sense of confidence and increased safety when lifting.

This allows beginners to use a light bar so that they can focus on technique and form with the safety of a built-in spotter. To give you an idea of the variability of how much a Smith bar can weigh, below are some examples. As a result, the bar on the Smith machine is actually heavier compared to commercial models. Linear bearing Smith Machines are more typically used in home gyms simply because they cost less without the added counter-balancing hardware. Not doing space math to figure out how much you may or may not be lifting. Dead Hangs are often an under-utilized exercise, but can be a great way to finish a back workout.

They are thinner, making them easier to grip, especially with the hook grip that Oly lifters typically use. These are a family of slightly different things, but I’m lumping them together because they are about the same size and weight, and can be used interchangeably for many lifts. Beginners may use the Smith machine to learn movement patterns and build up accessory muscles.

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