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Most MS-PR (60%) leaving to C-US would consider returning to PR for practice. Their decision would be encouraged by improvements in access to health care services (70%), quality of life in terms of work hours (70%), understaffing (68%), time to reimbursement for medical services (65%), and salary offers (58%). Recognizing the need to establish a solid research program, PSM applied for funds under the Minority Biomedical Research Support Program and the Research Center in Minority Institutions Program in 1983. The award of both grants permitted PSM to create an infrastructure for the faculty to develop research activities.

It comprises the major aspects of population health and the strategies for community health promotion and disease prevention. In Puerto Rico, San Juan Bautista School of Medicine is the newest medical school and University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine is the second oldest medical school, founded in 1950. Below is the list of best universities in Puerto Rico ranked based on their research performance in Medicine. A graph of 55.4K citations received by 2.97K academic papers made by 9 universities in Puerto Rico was used to calculate publications’ ratings, which then were adjusted for release dates and added to final scores.

This course integrates the understanding at the cellular and molecular level of the biological pathways that control the functioning of the human body and how these processes are altered by the diseases. In addition, this course introduces the basic genetic processes and mechanisms which determine the inheritance and expression of genetic disorders in man. The teaching methodology comprises lectures, problem-solving exercises, case analysis and discussion.

San Juan Bautista School of Medicine has a strong commitment to promoting research in the biomedical, behavioral, epidemiology and clinical sciences. Our institution has biomedical laboratories and clinical research facilities with equipment for the active development of scientific projects and clinical trials. The Office is responsible for implementing sponsored programs policies and procedures and is also dedicated to providing information on funding opportunities, advice, he’s all that parents guide and assistance to faculty, staff and students. The Center’s objective is to provide a research infrastructure to support clinical trials carried out in Puerto Rico. It offers quality clinical research services to sponsors and pharmacists, as well as individual researchers and entrepreneurs interested in clinical drug trials and device development. Also, part of our objectives is to provide new treatment opportunities and a better quality of life to each of our patients.

The multi-campus school has branch campuses in Arecibo, Caguas, Mayagüez, Ponce, Río Grande. NUC University is accredited by the Council of Higher Education of Puerto Rico and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. University of Puerto Rico is the largest and oldest university in the territory of Puerto Rico. Since University of Puerto Rico is a public university, it has an affordable tuition fee. The universuty has a wide variety of programs to choose from, and it gives its potential students the opportunity to dream. Below is a list of allopathic and osteopathic medical schools with school specific interview tips.

In 1975, with the economic stimulus of the federal capitation program, the School of Medicine of the UPR increased its enrollment to 150 students per year and established an Educational Consortium in the District Hospital of Ponce. But Ponce did not stop dreaming of his own School of Medicine and when Dr. Francisco Carreras was President of the Catholic University and Dr. Sala was a member of the Board of Directors of that University, it began with the dreamed School of Medicine. Dr. Sala was the driving force for the creation of the School of Medicine of the Catholic University in 1976. Is there when Dr. Domingo Cerra was named by the Board of Directors of the Catholic University as Organizer Dean of the Ponce School of Medicine.

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