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Ask around and ask your local hockey rink if they will collect broken sticks that are typically thrown in the garbage. Determine the length of the bench you want to build. The one I built is 3.5′ wide and is the maximum you can get from adult hockey sticks given their length.

All that’s left now is to attach the bottom frame. Bar clamp the four pieces together to make sure you have everything level and that the legs are going to be straight before screwing anything in. If you’re careful with your measurements, you should be fine, but double and triple check. Use a bubble level to measure the angle of each of the four leg/top attachment pieces.

If you’re new to the concept of building stuff and want to move beyond clocks or picture frames, this is a great place to start! The descriptions you’ll find here are a bit more in depth than for the other furniture since I think this is the best place to start. This table was made by sandwiching hockey sticks and hard maple with cherry.

Please allow up to 10 business days for production. Special note regarding shipping — these are heavy pieces, requiring special packaging and freight arrangements. Now screw in a single #6 1.25″ wood screw into each of the sticks to hold them in place, making sure it goes through the cross beam first. This step installs a mitered stick around all four sides to give it a finished look and hide the end cuts. This is important because the sticks can be frayed or splintered on their ends .

Please see my other hockey stick related ads. Place two cross beams about 2.75″ from the eventual length of your table top. This distance is important as this is where the legs will attach and determine your table’s stability. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s equidistant from both edges and big enough to get a circular saw in. If you’re smart, as discussed in Building, you’ll make it the width of your circular saw guide and won’t have to use another stick to act as a guide later. The total usable length of my 23 sticks was about 35 7/8″, so my cross beams start 2.75″ from that.

Wide range of types and styles can be done with goalie stick legs, … Custom made hockey stick coffee table. I’m on Instagram @thehockeystickguy … In the area of hockey stick furniture, the hockey stick coffee table is the easiest to make. Everything at right angles and a limited number of ways exist to make an error.

Don’t worry if the legs aren’t perfectly vertical. In the example below, the longer side goes edge to edge of the supports. You can make it 2×1 or just use just one, but it won’t be as sturdy. Attach two sticks together on the long edges first as shown in the figure using #6, 1.25″. Once you have two of those, you’ll need to use 1.5″ screws to get through the stick the long way, thus creating one solid 2×2 leg. About four or five screws equally spaced over the 16″ length is sufficient.

Then, make sure that the bottom four framing pieces here share the same value as its corresponding attachment piece. We want parallel bottom support frames and top/leg attachment frames. If you get non-zero angles, it’s okay, it just means your work surface isn’t level! Custom Islanders and Flyers themed coffee tables $275 cdn$ each. I’m in Toronto but will ship at buyers cost as legs screw off.

Carefully drill 4 holes 1″ deep using a 7/64” drill bit. This step is where you finish the assembly of your bench. cricut hobby lobby See the hand drawn diagram that attempts to show how the base will be assembled with a side view and a front view.

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