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“Our goal is to create high quality handmade soaps and bath products using only vegetable and nut oils and butters, essential oils, high quality scents, and botanicals. Our products are not only handmade in small batches, they are great for your skin and also family friendly. The shipping company decided that the options were to either do nothing for the remainder of the ship’s life, re-configure the existing engines, or completely re-engine the vessel with a modern, more efficient and more reliable diesel-electric powerplant. Her steam turbines had taken her to a record-breaking total of 2,622,858 miles in 18 years. There were six crew bars, the main four were split into the Senior Rates Recreation Rooms on Deck 2 and the Junior Rates on Deck 3, with Deck and Engine Departments on the port side and Hotel on the starboard side of the ship.

There, she authored a book containing questions and corresponding answers, The Key to Theosophy. This was followed by The Voice of the Silence, a short devotional text which she claimed was based on a Senzar text known as The Book of the Golden Precepts. As with The Secret Doctrine, most scholars of Buddhism have doubted that this latter western blazer for wedding text was an authentic Tibetan Buddhist document. She continued to face accusations of fraud; U.S. newspaper The Sun published a July 1890 article based on information provided by an ex-member of the Society, Elliott Coues. Blavatsky sued the newspaper for libel, and they publicly retracted their accusations in September 1892.

The two women at the left of aPortrait of a Family in an Interior (Fig. 2) wear mantuas. Some companies offer a compensation structure that can look like multi-level marketing. To qualify as an MLM, the company must offer a “residual or passive” commission from recruiting others who will recruit new members. One-time bonus payments, commissions, finder’s fees, or referral payments do not necessarily mean it’s an MLM.

Halfway up the hill, we come across the ruins of a stone hut built by survivors of Swedish explorer Otto Nordenskjöld’s ship Antarctic, which sank offshore in 1903. The hut provided shelter through the punishing Antarctic winter, while hundreds of penguins and seals were slaughtered for food and heating fuel until the crew’s rescue some nine months later. Imagining their bleak existence draws a sharp contrast to our comfortable quarters aboard the Charcot, moored in the distance among the bergs. The ship’s 123 suites and staterooms are beautifully designed and range in size from about 215 square feet to the over-the-top 1,237-square-foot Suite de l’Armateur (Shipowner’s Suite), each with private balconies or terraces.

The young couple, each holding an open book of music, relaxes in what appears to be a barely sketched outdoor setting. Her loose-fitting mantua and petticoat with deep flounces are similar to the bizarre silk example in the Costume Institute (Fig. 2) and on her head she wears a rayon. MIRIKEL for nutritional wellness, MAIONE for skincare, and Vii for personal care with signature ingredient Dalbergia Odorifera extract.

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