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Taking care to understand the actual source of potentially upsetting content is important for parents. Not only so we can ensure that the settings on our children’s social media and video accounts are appropriately configured, but to ensure we don’t over react to what is a popular game. Huggy Wuggy was created in 1984 by Playtime Co., in which he became a roaring success and became one of the many signature toys in Playtime Co. During an unknown date in time, In an effort to create the perfect living toy, Playtime Co. conducted numerous unethical and highly illegal experiments, one such example being Huggy Wuggy.

Capable of turning his head up to 360°, Huggy Wuggy can chill your blood with his gaze. If the protagonist reaches the catwalk, they need to destroy and block the monstrous creature Huggy Wuggy by pulling a box, after which both fall. Huggy Wuggy then collides with a few pipes and falls into the void, while the player survives. Huggy Wuggy is seen as a loyal antagonist, who fully obeys his superiors.

After taking the key and turning the power back on in the Innovation Wing, the player returns to the exhibition hall only to find that Huggy has now disappeared. Huggy goes on to stalk the player as they make their way through the facility. After the player manages to turn back on the toy-making machines and bypasses a door system using a toy made from the machines, Huggy reveals himself. Following the player into the facility’s ventilation system, an intense chase ensues as Huggy attempts to catch and devour the player. After managing to momentarily escape Huggy and landing on a brittle catwalk, the player pulls a crate onto the crumbling structure just as Huggy bursts from the vents, causing it to collapse. Though the player manages to land safely on another catwalk not far below, Huggy strikes the railing and proceeds to fall into the abyss on the facility, slamming into several pipelines and leaving behind dark red blood splatters.

It has been brought to my attention that a character named ‘Huggy Wuggy’ is being viewed by our children online, some as young as Year 1. The character can be easily viewed on YouTube channels and is a teddy bear with razor sharp teeth that sings worrying songs spendflation about hugging and killing. On one of the videos, the bear asks the viewer to take their last breath. It is a very deceiving character, as hugs should be seen as something kind and loving, and because of its name is able to infiltrate firewalls and filters.

Huggy Wuggy IS a scary monster from a game I didn’t make and that’s what the song is about. The video solely exists on the general YouTube platform which by default isn’t intended for a very young audience. MOB GamesThe real danger is that stories about Poppy Playtime and the Huggy Wuggy character spiral out of control like the Momo Challenge. We’ve already seen reports eager to connect the scary Huggy Wuggy character to children jumping out of windows or breath holding playground games.

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