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It is OK to enjoy protein bars in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Swapping a protein bar in for other snacks in your daily diet is fine powerlifter body vs bodybuilder and can be a great way to bump up your protein intake. For starters, protein bars are usually higher in protein, with 10–20 g per serving.

Over Easy Peanut Butter is a breakfast bar that’s high in protein and fiber to help keep you full longer. We particularly loved that the bar is made with just eight simple ingredients and lightly sweetened with honey. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was our favorite during testing, though the Lemon Cashew came in a close second. In particular, we loved the chewy texture and spot-on cookie dough flavor.

Deciding which protein bars at Trader Joe’s are better than the rest is a complicated task. Depending on whether you’re looking for something vegan, gluten free, organic, or low glycemic, what constitutes the “best” bar will differ case by case. The brand launched their two new vegan flavors in July of 2021 to much anticipation after a year’s-long push by consumers.

Every other week I pick up a bunch of white hydrangeas for $5.99 for our coffee table and they last me a full two weeks! Whenever I’m hosting an event or having company, I grab a few different bunches and arrange them around our house. And at their prices it honestly doesn’t matter that they don’t last too long. Form day one, our team committed to making delicious foot the right way.

The two vegan flavors of the no-sugar-added vegan protein bars will be available at all Trader Joe’s stores in honor of Veganuary. It is pretty crazy how different each brand of protein bar can taste when they seem to be advertised all the same. Ultimately, some people might prioritize taste, while others care more about the ingredients, etc. Hopefully this article helps in figuring out which brand of protein bar is right for you. In completing this experiment, I can definitely say that I prefer the chocolate and peanut butter flavored bars, and my top choices would be the Perfect Bar or GoMacro Bars.

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