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Rothschild JM, Keohane CA, Cook EF, Orav EJ, Burdick E, Thompson S, et al. A controlled trial of smart infusion pumps to improve medication safety in critically ill patients. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare had previously issued policy and guidance on the protection of human subjects. A quantitative survey of public attitudes towards cancer clinical trials. Baily MA, Bottrell M, Lynn J, Jennings B. The ethics of using QI methods to improve health care quality and safety. The Common Rule specifies which level of IRB review is needed for various types of research and provides criteria for the IRB to consider during the review.

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Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data. Preference will be given to original content, please check your article for plagiarism. The program for the upcoming Medtec Ireland 2017 Conference (Galway, 4–5 October) reflects the increasing focus on the end user in the medtech industry. The Food and Drug Administration and international regulatory bodies have recently issued various appeals to… All school search, finder, or match results, as well as colleges and universities displayed as “Featured School” or “Sponsored Content” are advertisers that compensate us for placement on this site. The resources, editorial content, and school evaluations published on this site are developed independent of the schools that advertise here.

If such studies were not identified then other types of experimental studies or epidemiological study designs including; non-randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental, before and after studies, prospective and retrospective cohort studies and case control studies. Remote patient monitoringStudies evaluating community based Remote patient monitoring have shown that it improves patient outcomes for certain chronic conditions including; heart failure, stroke, COPD, asthma and hypertension. Patient data management system are systems that automatically retrieve data from bedside medical equipment . The data is subsequently summarized and restructured to aid healthcare providers in interpreting the data.45 Recent advances in integration have allowed PDMS to be integrated with clinical decision support and the patient’s electronic medical record. A systematic review45 studied the clinical impact of PDMS and found that such systems increased the time spent on direct patient care by reducing the time spent on charting.

We however go beyond news and views, and are interested in articles that would be of value and give some kind of advice to our audience of Digital Health innovators (i.e. IT managers, clinical engineers, med techs, executives, …etc). You’ve arrived at the right spot for guest post guidelines to present your thoughts on the business side and craft of writing freelance. Kaushal R, Kern LM, Barron Y, Quaresimo J, Abramson EL. Electronic prescribing improves medication safety in community-based office practices. FDA public health advisory, deaths with antipsychotics in elderly patients with behavioral disturbances. Thus, HHS should convene the relevant stakeholders to develop standard criteria for IRBs and Privacy Boards to use when making decisions about whether protocols entail research or practice.


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To apply this definition to “public” health practice, the targeted beneficiary of the intervention must be expanded to include benefit to the community, rather than just a particular person. Neither the Common Rule nor the Privacy Rule provides a specific definition for public health research; rather public health research is included in the general definition of research. However, the Privacy Rule regulates public health practice differently from public health research . The Virginia Commonwealth University 2004 Life Sciences Survey also found that most Americans have a positive view of research. In this study, 90 percent of respondents agreed that developments in science have made society better; 92 percent reported that “scientific research is essential for improving the quality of human lives”; and 84 percent agreed that “the benefits of scientific research outweigh the harmful results” .

Seventy-eight percent of respondents said that it is very important, and 17 percent said that it is somewhat important. Only 4 percent of Americans reported that maintaining world leadership in health-related research is not impor tant . Similar results were found in a 2007 survey—76 percent of respondents reported that science plays a very important role in our health, and 78 percent reported that science plays a very important role in our competitiveness (Research!America, 2007). IT healthcare is on the forefront of many healthcare institutions, organizations and private practices due in part to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which dictates that all U.S. health agencies must be using EMRs by 2015. Other drivers behind IT healthcare interoperability and HIE include patients who are frustrated with their medical care within large health organizations where they are required to repeat their medical histories over and over to different healthcare providers. Definitely not about your product, even if you have one; as well as not about your service, even if you have something to offer.

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