Halo Infinite skulls: All Halo Infinite skull locations in order

The estimated delivery dates are based on the purchase date, the recipient’s location, the vendor’s processing time and location, and the shipping carrier. The boss is using a Hydra launcher which can cause serious damage. Move around the area a lot to be a harder target to hit. You should be on the move at all times, even when Tremonius is standing far away from the hero.

Pick up the grenades in the back left corner and proceed. You’ll come across another two Grunts before getting to the door to the next room. Two more Grunts patrol the ground floor of the room, two Jackals are on the ramp, and a Jackal sniper equipped with a Stalker Rifle sits at the top. Slaying the enemies prior to the sniper shouldn’t take long, meaning the sniper won’t have much time to focus on you. A melee hit to the face will make quick work of the sniper.

There’s one on the weapon rack across from the elevator near where you spawn. If you shoot Tremonius with it while his shields are down, you’ll do a surprisingly decent amount of damage over time to him. This does mean dropping one of your two weapons , but you’ll get to lay more damage into him in a short amount of time. Bridge construction begins and a welcome party of three Grunts will rise with the last piece of the bridge. Slay them quickly then take cover from the oncoming fire from their allies that’ll shoot you from the main platform.

Concept art of John-117 in a partially-intact Forerunner hallway. After some searching, the Chief finds a corridor that leads to a massive chamber filled with the sarcophagus-like devices he came across earlier. A single Jiralhanae Sniper armed with a Flaktura Workshop Skewer stands guard atop a pillar at the back of the room. The Chief eliminates the Brute and approaches the grav lift. John reaches his hand out and she uploads herself back into his armor. The Chief heads down a ramp to the lower ledge, where he finds another machine, this one containing a power source.

If that doesn’t kill them, toss a Hardlight fusion coil their way. There’s one on the west side of the map on the lower level by the door that leads to the Cylix room. Hardlight ammo bounces, so even if your toss with the fusion coil isn’t entirely accurate, there’s a good chance its projectiles can bounce and hit the Jackals. These tough encounters must be won in order to progress with the story. Within this mission, there are three audio logs for you to collect and one skull, as well as some of Master Chief’s equipment and gear.

These mainly include the plentiful Audio Logs and the ever elusive skulls. With developer 343 Industries still working on making missions replayable, you’re going to want to scoop them all up before heading into the next zone. Once the Jackals are dead, turn your attention to Tremonius and fire at him to deplete his energy shield. You won’t be able to damage his core health until you do this, so it’s important that you maintain fire on him to ensure that the shield doesn’t have time to regenerate.

In either case, use the grappleshot to travel across the pillars. Then, use the grappleshot to reach the lower beam of the central structure. If you happen to be one of the four remaining survivors, you can get your own Grunt Birthday Party Skull. After taking down the Brute ecredable business promo code sniper, you’ll be able to access an open room on the left and right. At the corner, there are two Brutes, and you can use it as a shield to remove them. There may be a Grunt at the far end of the room who hops onto a plasma cannon, so avoid him before he fires at you.

So long as you ensure your Grappleshot is available as he’s charging up to do his jump and dash attack, you should be okay. Before you power up the elevator, we recommend bringing over a few fusion coils from around the room and placing them just in front of the elevator platform. Make sure they’re at the base of the elevator but not actually in the elevator. Now, insert the Power Seed into the crucible and activate the elevator. If you want to see something cool, drop the power seed near the crucible and proceed to the ramp on the east side of the room and walk down. Then take a left into the open door and pass through the hallway.

When using the Pulse Carbine, you can dart in and out between structures as you fire, to take cover from any retaliating shots. The plasma from the carbine has a tracking ability which will home in on the enemy even as you take cover, so long as the initial shot was accurate. Don’t forget to check out our dedicated Halo section for the latest news, updates, esports coverage, guides, leaks and more. The legendary mecha third-person shooter series from FromSoftware is set to return in 2023.

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