Halloween Colors, Their Meaning and Symbolism

“Black does indeed likely come from black cats, although bats contributed to that as well,” Morton said. I actually posted a flyer from the website next to my teal pumpkin the first couple years to let my neighbors know about the program. White is often used with Halloween stripes, polka dots, zig zags and other fun designs. Recently, white has also slid into the Halloween arena, frequently being used in decor and upscale decorating themes.

As a matter of fact, you’ll find many cartoon villains that are colored purple to tone down their scary elements for the little ones. However, many believe the reason is tied to its rarity in the natural world. A Halloween historian explains how these hues relate to the autumn season and more. Today, our Halloween traditions range from sinister to cheerful and everything in between. For more about the history of Halloween, and how ancient rituals gave us what we have today, read up on the chilling history of the haunted holiday.

Black comes into play with the spooky elements and the tradition of trick-or-treating at night. When picking your Halloween decoration, your first thought will be to go for the most traditional colors, like black and orange — the so-called scary colors of this mystical holiday. In cowboy boots with zipper on side the early days of Halloween-like celebrations, black actually was supposed to be more sad than spooky. Halloween can trace its origins back to a pagan celebration called Samhain (pronounced sow-win), a ritual that the ancient Celts celebrated in late October and early November.

Red is another Halloween color that has been in the mix for quite awhile. One Free app to design, collaborate, and scale your work – try Simplified today. Mc Donald’s creatively used this design where two fries stick out from a box of fries, making them look like the teeth of a monster. You can also see a bit of ketchup on one of the fries, making it look like blood on the teeth of a monster. Design Iconic marketing campaigns together — without any design experience. Making jack-o’-lanterns, after all, has been a Samhain tradition for centuries.

“This tendency makes color a very powerful tool in marketing and one that becomes difficult to look past once it becomes ingrained in our psyche,” she added. According to Amber Dunford, design psychologist and style director at Overstock.com, purple evokes mystery and spirituality, which complements our modern interpretation of Halloween. Green is at the opposite end of the color wheel, making it a nice contrast to purple. “Before that, witches were typically shown with just human skin tones and dressed in red,” Morton said.

The festival developed as a precursor to the new year, which for Celts began on November 1 and anticipated the beginning of long, cold winters that would result in many deaths. In a study that asked people to indicate their emotional responses to five principle hues , the positive aspect of purple was largely tied to children and laughter. With this in mind, the introduction of purple to Halloween may be tied to the evolution of the commercialism of the holiday. Red is a powerful Halloween color because blood represents life and mortality. While the color red on its own is known for intensity and aggression, the symbolism may be slightly different as a Halloween color. The color green has also been used to represent the supernatural with green glowing fog, floating mists, flashes of light and other effects.

Though it’s widely accepted that black and orange are the official colors of this holiday, you may be wondering why those two specific ones were chosen. They are also representations of the seasons changing from fall to winter. These colors are found in the leaves that fall from the trees, letting us know it’s time to break out our sweaters and sweatpants. You can also see yellow inside jack-o’-lanterns lit by candlelight. These colors can be used in decor to portray royalty or to add a sparkle to your sign. Or, at the very least, impress friends and family with some useful Halloween trivia.

Similar to the color purple, green represents a more tame side of spooky things. Because purple has been a rare color to find naturally occurring in nature, it was traditionally used to dye clothes for only the most powerful and important people. In Roman times only the Emperor was permitted to dress entirely in purple. Although not so obvious like the previous colors, purple is often incorporated in most Halloween palettes.

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