Halloween Colors: History and Meaning Reader’s Digest

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As a matter of fact, you’ll find many cartoon villains that are colored purple to tone down their scary elements for the little ones. However, many believe the reason is tied to its rarity in the natural world. A Halloween historian explains how these hues relate to the autumn season and more. Today, our Halloween traditions range from sinister to cheerful and everything in between. For more about the history of Halloween, and how ancient rituals gave us what we have today, read up on the chilling history of the haunted holiday.

Black comes into play with the spooky elements and the tradition of trick-or-treating at night. When picking your Halloween decoration, your first thought will be to go for the most traditional colors, like black and orange — the so-called scary colors of this mystical holiday. In cowboy boots with zipper on side the early days of Halloween-like celebrations, black actually was supposed to be more sad than spooky. Halloween can trace its origins back to a pagan celebration called Samhain (pronounced sow-win), a ritual that the ancient Celts celebrated in late October and early November.

Red is another Halloween color that has been in the mix for quite awhile. One Free app to design, collaborate, and scale your work – try Simplified today. Mc Donald’s creatively used this design where two fries stick out from a box of fries, making them look like the teeth of a monster. You can also see a bit of ketchup on one of the fries, making it look like blood on the teeth of a monster. Design Iconic marketing campaigns together — without any design experience. Making jack-o’-lanterns, after all, has been a Samhain tradition for centuries.

Use of fire goes all the way back to the ancient festival of Samhain which is believed to be what Halloween originated from. In the run up to the Halloween season, you can discover some fantastic facts and trivia on this occasion for yourself and kids wanting to learn too. There is a whole wealth of information on the actual colors used during this time of year. Plus, white is a great highlight color, and helps make the other, darker Halloween shades stand out. Also, white is the color of corpses and skeletons that arise from their grave in the dark night. A not-so-obvious Halloween color, white symbolizes the undead and all spirits that linger in this world.

Orange and black aren’t exactly opposites, but these Halloween colors represent very different sides of the holiday. Orange is the color of fire and fire was believed to provide warmth, protection, and safety. Orange and black can be thought of as the sacred fire against a dark night sky . Green and purple have both become accepted colors of the holiday, and they are often used together when decorating.

During the festival, people would dress up in costumes, make sacrifices and light bonfires as a practice to ward off these ghosts and unwelcome spirits. According to History.com, the evening before the festival was referred to as All Hallows’ Eve, and is now what we celebrate as Halloween. Halloween is celebrated at night time which is dark and mysterious. Evening can often feel spooky and scary, especially in the winter months when the nights get darker quicker. You can hardly miss the main colors of orange and black for this Fall celebration since they are in all the stores on decorations, on so many costumes and even the Trick or Treating candy. Using colors in unusual, non-traditional ways can also turn shades into the scary colors of Halloween.

It’s a color you see all around as the leaves change during the fall season. For Halloween, the most important thing orange represents is fire. Part of what makes Halloween so memorable is seeing all the vibrant colors. While my childhood memories are saturated with the traditional orange and black Halloween colors. As I grew older the colors gradually changed to include more greens and bright purples. Here, you can see that Apple has creatively edited its usual logo.

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