Hair Color Levels and Different Volumes of Developers

With that said, any brand is fine as long as the developer doesn’t separate or go lumpy; these are signs of an inferior product. If it does anything like this, you can bet the manufacturer hasn’t went to any great effort to ensure reliability during lightening and mixing. First off, I have a kind of Level 2-3 mediumish/darkish brown hair.

This stage is where the true blonde colors start. Medium blonde would be considered a level 8 on the color scale. The darker your hair is, the more stages of bleaching you’ll have to go through. However, remember, bleaching is a very aggressive process for your hair.

After two-three weeks, you can go four more levels up to get the lighter hair shade of your choice. It can even go to 12 levels, depending on your preference to go lighter. The 10 best hair colors for warm skin tones right now. Ensure you add toner after the bleaching process to prevent your hair from looking orange/yellow. Hair bleach, also referred to as a lightening product, is a powder or cream that contains hydrogen peroxide combined with ammonia and other additives. Secondly, each time you bleach your hair, it will become lighter and lighter, so if you’re hoping to achieve a specific shade, you’ll need to be patient.

Toner will help neutralize any brassiness or yellow hues that will be lingering in your hair after bleaching. Kandasamy also recommends making sure you use enough bleach mixture on your strands. Once the mixture has been applied, just pop on a shower cap or plastic bag and set your timer. And just like in a professional salon, check on the hair for the level of lightness.

Finish with Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream Leave-In Hair Treatment, which penetrates into the hair shaft to increase the resilience and movement of the hair in-between lightening services. Do not exceed the development time, even if you do not achieve the desired colour. This is a common thing, especially for people with darker hair or whose hair is more resistant to colouring and bleaching.

Useno-lift pearl blonde orno-lift silver blonde if the hair is already very light. Also if this is a repeat application on the hair and no further lift is required. Useintense pearl blonde orintense blow out bob silver blonde if there is still some yellow left and you want to push the hair to level 10 white blonde. The one above will be more relevant if the hair has already been bleached.

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