GTA Online: Mute Lester’s Pavel’s talk on missions?

GTA Online players were having a good time initiating the heist on El Rubio’s island until Rockstar Games released ‘The Criminal Enterprises’ update that brought some changes to this mission. You can either complete this heist playing solo or with up to three other players. This mission is set on a faraway island called Cayo Perico which belongs to El Rubio. Shortly after loading into Los Santos, you’ll receive a text message from Miguel Madrazo, the son of Martin Madrazo. He’ll tell you to visit The Music Locker, which is the new underground club located next to The Diamond Casino & Resort. Hold down the touchpad to bring up the Interaction Menu, and you’ll find The Music Locker listed under the Quick GPS options.

This is the main primary objective of the Cayo Perico heist and if you complete it, you’ll earn a $1,100,000 reward from Miguel Madrazo. However, you also need to pay Pavel who will assists players from his Kosatka submarine. When you get out of the shed after looting the secondary targets, make your way to the right side of the docks. As you’re making your way there, you might run into another guard who will instantly detect you. So be ready to take him out as quickly as you can or else he will shoot at you and alert the rest of the guards around you.

Once they are all dead, Pavel will note that the demolition charges aren’t here, and he’ll direct you to the O’Neil home, instead. Select the mission from the Heist Prep station, classify each structure according to its functional class then take a Dinghy ashore and grab a vehicle. Drive to the construction site and head to the glowing yellow spot in the elevator to proceed inside the building.

If you get paintings as secondary targets inside the office during your scope out, then make sure you loot them as well. When you go through to the end of the drainage tunnel, a short cutscene of you entering the compound will play. Once the cutscene ends, go right and keep going straight and up the stairs until you reach the two guards standing at the end of the walkway. The approach vehicle is acquired by doing the Submarine Kosatka prep mission.

This is assuming players steal the Panther Statue, with gold as their secondary target, and grab the extra $100,000 from El Rubio’s safe. Do note though this is before the 10% cut the fence takes, the 2% cut Pavel takes and the $25,000 setup cost for the heist. After the cuts, it’s likely your solo payout will be closer to $2.3 million, which certainly isn’t bad for a solo heist.

In order to obtain the Fingerprint Cloner, you’ll need to select it from the Prep screen on Kosatka. Pavel will give you a waypoint in town, so head there and you’ll find a yellow glowing area you can use to enter the warehouse. Your location will shortly be broadcast to other players, so hurry back to your Dinghy and the Kosatka to complete the mission.

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