Goddess Braids: How to Create and Maintain Goddess Box Braids Styles

You can definitely create goddess braids in a double bun—no oven necessary. Don’t forget to have a rattail comb on hand while braiding. Scalp irritation is a common issue for Black women who get braid extensions. To avoid this, Kamilah likes to use the pre-stretched Innocence EZ Braid. “It is antibacterial and still has a relatively natural look to the hair,” she explains.

“If it’s good enough for our next Supreme Blue Ivy, it’s good enough for me,” Forbes insists. Susan Oludele, known as @hairbysusy on Instagram, has worked with Solange Knowles, Beyoncé, Melina Matsoukas, and more. She favors X-Pression Premium Original Ultra Braid when she’s working bmac walla walla in her Brooklyn salon. Box braids are named after their box-shaped parting sections and are extremely low-maintenance! You can wear them at the office, at home, and in other places outside. Are you looking for ways to save your time and money while you grow beautiful locs?

Using your natural hair as one of the three braiding sections, begin to three-strand plait your hair in with the extension hair. Section your natural hair into four sections with your rat tail comb. Take your time while parting, as clean parts are necessary for this style. Then, secure three of the four sections with a rubber band, butterfly clip, or braid.

Bre’Aunna is a self-taught stylist in the California Bay area. Gripping your natural hair too tight can lead to breakage and hair loss. You don’t need to braid the hair extremely tight for the style to last. When you get to where the extension hair meets the wavy hair, apply one drop of superglue there and allow it to dry. The glue will keep the braid in place while the wavy hair remains loose. After you’ve braided down about an inch, grab a small amount of the wavy hair and join it with two of your braiding sections.

All the methods start with a single braid with no added hair, which then changes into a twist about one-third of the way down. Instead of braiding her client’s entire head, which takes longer, Bre’Aunna starts by plaiting the sectioned hair. This method creates a lot less tension on the hair and scalp, which is critical to avoid potential hair loss or breakage issues with tight braids. We recommend having your stylist loosely wrap your hair right below the roots to ease the tension caused by tight locs and the combined weight of the hair. This is critical from a protective styling standpoint.

And not damaging to hair, so she assured me that she wouldn’t braid my hair so tight that it would cause my scalp to scream, which I was very grateful for. Overall the process took only five and a half hours, which is two to three hours less than a typical braiding session. Having my hair braiding appointment right at home and scheduled around my day instead of the other way around was super refreshing. Bohemian braids, goddess braids and gypsy braids are all the same thing.

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