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You realise this would be a similar thing as making a book called, how i made 300,000$, pricing it at 300k, and then telling others how you too can sell this book and make money. Sure you may find legitimate life advice in there, but it is not anything that our philosophers of old could tell you about leadership, or following modern number one selling beer in america economists could tell you about making money. What do you mean that members/leaders for the people’s platform lie everyday?? We have been treated with complete integrity, sincerity, kindness, help, and have made lasting friendships. She had in the back of her mind to cancel the whole time, so where does the help come it?

Though I have heard at some regions there have been some people who have engaged in high pressure sales. I present the products from my personal experiences and present how they can do the same to improve other’s lives, which I believe they can from personal experience. Seems to me this is a ponzi scheme that will eventually fail. I have listened to a few of the cds and agree it is wonderful information. However, from what I understand is that you make money from others signing up and buying subscriptions.

Supply in demand is everything and people who are good at direct marketing and paid their dues to become that way are rare. If you are rare you go everywhere,If you are everywhere you go nowhere. To those who do not listen to others and believe in themselves you will be successful at anything. The whole system literally has its roots in Amway-arguably the most successful pyramid scam in history with Billions in profits ; all brought to you by the middle class. Anyway, I gave Life Leadership a fair shake. I listened to the audios given to me by a well meaning, thoroughly brainwashed team member who had dreams of retiring rich.

Many programs will charge ten times the amount for an investment in their professional self-directed education that Life charges. As far as disclosing income there is a detailed statement that any representative can provide. The problem is you’d have to read it before throwing it in the trash. The community is wonderful and the information is life changing. Based on my personal experience, I do not suggest you sign up for them. If you really want to make money from home, sell something else like oils or makeup or cleaning products or bags.

Do you truly know how good it feels to help others? Where the husband and wife love each other than ever before the kids are gleaming with happiness. I’ve seen it first hand with my own eyes. So you can sit and criticize all you want but you never will know the true aspect of greatness with a closed negative mind. That is exactly what is wrong with our society and the more we change our perspective to a positive, humble, compassionate view on others we would be in a better place.

They can’t find my package based only on a FedEx tracking number. The sweet lady on the phone suggested I go to my local post office and ask them. Sunday, October 4th, I wrote the check out to my friend. I signed up just so they wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassing feelings of a failed outreach. Information about the recent legal action against Leaders is prominently displayed at the top of the company’s BBB profile, giving consumers a clear warning that the company has a very troubled past.

I’m sorry but this business isn’t all about the money to some. I got involved to improve myself, my marriage, my relationship with my children and how to get along with people and improve my finances. Something whether anyone wants to admit it or not each one of us need help in all those areas. Ive been to lots of counseling to help me in these areas and none of them has helped me nowhere near what Ive learned through the materials with LIFE. I also spend ALOT of money on those session and the materials I got was surely not as expensive as all those sessions.

It is extremely eye opening, and it is focused on benefiting no one except the reader. I have read several books that I bought through Life Leadership and several audios. My attitude towards people has been greatly improved and my patience for ignorance has greatly increased. I got a job that pays better than any of my previous jobs due to the information that I actually READ and APPLIED.

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