Genshin Impact Signora boss fight guide

Due to her death before Raiden’s throne, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing La Signora as a playable character any time soon. We’ll update this guide if we find any fresh information about this fierce lady. Careful being around her because La Signora can plant elemental trip-mines.

Signora also describes those harmed by her actions in the story as “necessary sacrifices” and “nobodies.” Five hundred years ago, before she became a Harbinger, Rosalyne was an ordinary young woman from Mondstadt who studied at Sumeru Akademiya. If Goulash isn’t an option on the table or players can’t be bothered to cook, then they can craft some potions that increase their chance at survival. Those would be Cryo or Pyro Resistance Potions and they’re easily available in the crafting stations. Truth be told, the quest is hard to miss, and only returning players who have been on a long hiatus or recently new ones who have just reached Inazuma will need to follow those steps above. Even then, simply opening the quest menu and navigating to the quest markers should do the trick.

In order to save time, players will want to use a character that can give a shield. Signora’s phase one is a cryo phase where most of her moves are projectiles. This phase is a much slower phase than the next one where Signora will go all out. The general strategy during this time is to just dodge/tank Signora’s attacks with shields and weave in to deal some damage to her. Once your sheer cold bar is near full, pull back and chill near the torches until it’s back to low or none at all.

There will be Crimson moths that will spawn, in which players can pick up and use in order to deplete the Cocoon shield. However, you can make this phase easier by bringing in Pyro characters, so you can deplete the shield yourself much quicker. In Phase 2, a lot of La Signora’s attacks cause the floor to be affected by Embered Earth, which when stepped on, can damage your active character overtime.

Once again, it’s better to destroy these for instant status removal, otherwise you’ll be a sitting duck for Signora’s brutal ranged Pyro attacks. That’s also another reason why bringing a healer on top of a shielder is recommended. The whole fight is costly on character HP and the Pyro or Cryo debuffs will deal damage even if the characters are shielded. ina’s potato salad Signora’s attacks mostly have wide areas of effect or leave around a lingering trip-mine that foolish players will trigger. That’s why it’s best to stay away from her attack range even after a successful dodge or evasion. Some of Signora’s Cryo attacks, for example, leave some Cryo lotuses that will deal damage and slow down the players.

La Signora serves under the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya, and, as such, is on a search to steal each of the other six archon’s gnosis by any means necessary. The Genshin Impact 2.1 preview livestream is about an hour and a half long, and is listed above for curious readers. When La Signora returned, she learned that Rostam died fighting against monsters during the calamity. This made her depressed and angry, and decided to use her flames to destroy the world’s crookedness.

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