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Similarly, they provide no behavioral interview help at all. They also charge per interview, which can become pricey, especially when candidates are not currently making any income. In system design interview, the interviewer will spend 45min with you to discuss about designing a specific system like how to design a recommended system.

People always asked us what I should do to prepare for an interview within several weeks. In addition we’ll recommend only one or two resources in each section since there’s no need for you to check a 300 page book or tens of websites. Second, it allows the interviewer to correct you or give you hint when you are not on the right track. Believe it or not, most interviewers want you to succeed.

Almost all our interviewers were focused on only several preparation resources, which are way enough for majority of your interviews. Based on your timeline, be honest and realistic about how much you can accomplish each day. I can’t recall how many times I’ve emphasized this point, but it’s really important for system design interview. As system design questions are open-ended and may cover many technical fields, the basic knowledge here is much more than data structure and algorithm. Many people are afraid of system design interview as there’s no certain pattern to prepare and the question is quite flexible and unpredictable.

We assume you already have a computer science background . At this stage, we wanna make sure that you have a very solid technical background, which is the most important thing when preparing an interview. We will provide a recommended one and you can always tweak based on your case and generally we recommend people spend at least 2-3 hour a day. And for employees, you just can’t do it during work hour. Third, it also gives yourself a chance to be aware of what you are doing. People tend to keep struggling when they are in trouble and most of the time they are doing nothing except wasting time.

Be very clear about your solution before writing the code. Many candidates thought they were ready to code, but they got stuck in between. Not only does this waste your time, but you are also showing some kind of weakness on your analysis ability. Some people like to ask for 5min quiet time to think about the problem, which is terrible. You should always talk about what’s in your mind while thinking, and I know it’s hard. However, some of them are more good at talking than doing, you should really pay attention if you fall into this category.

An interview script appears before you in the form of one question at a time. The time limit is meant to replicate the pressure experienced during an actual interview. A three weeks course is offered by the site to provide you with a step-by-step guide to improving your interview performance.

Whenever you are curious about some system, try to figure out how this system was designed. You can try to design by yourself first and then compare with how it is actually designed. Most importantly, try to understand why it’s designed in this way.

Although every company may have different coding styles, you should still pay attention to it since bad coding style makes you look not professional. You can follow Google style guide for Java, C++ and Python, which are very popular. Most companies allow candidate to choose whatever languages they like and the most common ones are definitely C++ and Java.

You should be clear about how to abstract a system, what is visible and invisible from other components, and what is the logic behind it. Object oriented programming is also important to know. You can add your own interview questions to the simulator.

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